Best of fashion this week: Dig into graffiti-inspired reinvented classics or comfy PJs for virtual office days

Staying indoors and working from home is in no way easy, so it is only fair that we give ourselves some TLC from time to time

                            Best of fashion this week: Dig into graffiti-inspired reinvented classics or comfy PJs for virtual office days
Reese Witherspoon (Draper James)

While most of us are still enjoying the plethora of summer sales, the fashion world is only increasing our appetite for more covetable goods by slowly introducing us to its new arrivals. This week, many of our favorite brands have begun to roll out their fall and winter seasonal designs. These impeccable new offerings have only made our mouth water, eyes sparkle and bank accounts go cha-ching.

Even so, we deserve a bit of pampering once in a while. Staying indoors and working from home is in no way easy, so it's only fair that we give ourselves some TLC from time to time. And what better way to relax than indulge in some retail therapy? Here are our picks from this week to help you cement your fashion choices for the season.

Karl Lagerfeld

Pointelle Turtleneck Sweater $ 205 (Karl Lagerfeld)

Karl Lagerfeld had a real affinity to the fashion of 18th century Europe. Paired with artisanal silhouettes from the '90s, the Fall/Winter 2020 collection invokes gentle references from French, German and English history and combines it with a modern interpretation, rendering us with fresh and sophisticated new styles. The collection comprises the occasional color pop and vivid print adding that touch of effeminate elegance and timelessness.

The statement print of the season, however, is a graffiti-inspired motif of the late designer's emblematic name, appearing on bags, footwear and more. It draws a perfect balance between classic and cosmopolitan, mixing playful charm with the classic. Featured above is the pointelle turtleneck sweater, a guaranteed chic and warm addition to your winter wardrobe. Etched in geometric detail, the skinny-fit turtleneck's delicate texture is highlighted with a bold KARL logo at the neck. The top is a perfect winter-wear and can either be worn on its own or layered up.

Dolce & Gabbana

DGLimited Portofino sneakers men $825 (Dolce & Gabbana)

Who wouldn't love a good pair of sneakers not only detailed in graphic but also sporting your name in a personalized message? Dolce & Gabbana's new DGLimited Portofino sneakers, fresh off the Spring/Summer 2021 fashion show, are not just cool, but totally sleek and colorful. The Nappa calfskin sneakers are available exclusively on D&G's online store until September 30. The DGLimited sneakers for him and her stand out distinctly for their originality and craftsmanship, in that, they are hand-painted. To make it even more special, you can add your personal touch on the heel, like the initials of your name. 

Good American

Good Classic $159 (Good American)

A good pair of jeans is the ultimate fashion dream and the expectations that come with it are extremely high. For one, they need to be compatible with every top we own and flexible enough to fit snug around our bodies, especially when we pack on a few pounds during quarantine. But most importantly, we yearn for top quality and comfortable jeans that fit perfectly over the top of your boots and do not feel like they are suffocating you when you sit or stand.

Good American is well aware of all our demands and is now giving us exactly what we need. The Khloe Kardashian co-owned brand has released its new line of must-have jeans Good Classic, available in all its inclusive sizes.

Just as any other Good American apparel, the jeans from the new collection promise quality, fit and comfort while sliding up effortlessly like a glove, and enhancing your apple-bottoms. With a Good Classic pair of jeans, you are guaranteed to look like the quintessential "cutie with a booty". The skinny-ish fit, high rise denim jeans are designed to make your legs look extra long and hug all the curves of your lower body perfectly. A bonus is that with every Good Classic purchase, you're making the responsible decision of sustainable fashion. 

Marc Jacobs

Peanuts x Marc Jacobs the mini box bag $495 (Marc Jacobs)

At some point in our lives, we have all familiarized ourselves with the very lovable and widely popular comic strip, Peanuts. Although discontinued after the death of illustrator Charles M Shulz in 2000, Snoopy and the Peanuts crew have had a special place in the hearts of fans for over six decades. It became one of the most influential comic strips in history and had a readership of around 355M in 75 countries and 2,600 newspapers.

One among its ardent fans is Marc Jacobs' creative director and namesake himself. He has been besotted with the Peanuts characters ever since his babysitter gave him a Snoopy stuffie when he was six. 

So, what better way to pay homage to your childhood and the cartoon that defined you, than making a whole collection attributed to it? The Peanuts x Marc Jacobs collection features original Peanuts comic strips and character portraits printed across various pieces. Featured above is the mini box bag, playfully bold and hallmarked by vintage designs. It is based on a cool framed lunchbox silhouette, with quick-access double zips and debossed logo. Now, you can carry a piece of your childhood everywhere you go. 

Draper James

Magnolia short sleeve button down PJ Set $58 (Draper James)

Quarantine has us homebound and being at home calls for several lazy days. Between the busy work schedule, answering emails and the incessant phone calls, there are days where we wish we'd remain comfortably tucked in bed. On other occasions, your desire for comfort goes up a notch where you dare to take that bold fashion step and decide to work-from-home in stylish loungewear and pajamas.

That's office attire meets sleepwear, right there. But it's also important to consider professionalism, even while in your nightwear and attending to work-related video-meetings. In that sense, Reece Witherspoon has us covered.

The actress' fashion label, Draper James, is offering us some of the chicest and eye-catching PJs that are not only full of personality but are bound to turn on a southern charm with all the gorgeous inspired prints. Featured above is the magnolia short sleeve button down PJ set. It promises comfort, along with fun and a touch of ethics. Sweet dreams are made of a comfy elastic waist, functional front top, and floral prints.


Women's Gucci Jordaan loafer $790, Women's Princetown slipper $ 790 (Gucci)

We are well aware that Gucci's footwear collections are among the most widely coveted in the fashion world, simply because of the quality, design, and refreshing styles. Among the casual footwear, the Italian fashion brand prides itself in three major distinctive types of loafers, the Jordaans, Brixtons, and Pincetowns. The Pre-Fall 2020 Collections featured its house classic, reinvented with archival fabric and its iconic horse-bit detail. 

Featured above are the Women's Gucci Jordan in blue and silver light GG lamé and the Princetown slipper on a light GG lamé. The former plays on the key silhouette of the penny loafer and is an ode to the equestrian world, while the latter sports the shape and style of the classic mules. Both designer footwear sport leather piping, horse-bit detailing, and a 5-inch heel.

While stiff with the first purchase, a couple of wears will successfully break them in and render the classic investment extremely comfortable for your feet, while looking stylish. The Princetown mules are a considerable go-to for the convenient trait of quickly slipping them on and off.

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