Best of fashion this week: Chanel's new eyewear range to Fenty Skin cleanser, here are your summer must-haves

New eyewear, reinvented leather jackets, dreamy chiffon dresses and feel-good skincare practically constitute a girl's fashion necessities

                            Best of fashion this week: Chanel's new eyewear range to Fenty Skin cleanser, here are your summer must-haves
Halsey (DKNY)

We're well into summer, the sales are still on and our favorite brand know exactly what it's all about. This week's round-up ranges from sleek summer styles to a transitional wardrobe. Here are the latest arrivals and new offers that you should take a look at.


Pilot eyeglasses $910 (Chanel)

Shopping for glasses can be a bit perplexing, especially if you're looking for a new style that fits and compliments your visage. And amid this raging pandemic, you can forget about in-person shopping. So for those of you that are total bookworms, with Chanel's new eyewear collection, your daily life is about to get a whole lot trendier. The recently launched collection is shippable on their website and gets this - all 300 frames have a virtual try-on feature. That means you can surf through the frames, colors and shapes, which range from chic grandma goggles to sassy cate-eyes, along with optical size guides.

Channel's inaugural Fall 2020 eyeglass collection is inspired by the House's iconic tweed. With the help of your laptop's camera, you can see how each pair will look on your face. Once you've made your decision, the site also provides you with a list of recommended opticians in your area, who you can approach for eye exams, prescription lenses, complimentary fittings and adjustments as well as after-sales care. Your style will be delivered to you with sample lenses and the brand logo impressions. Featured above is the single vision pilot eyeglasses in titanium progressive friendly frame. 

Giorgio Armani

Double-breasted jacket from the Beckham line in a honeycomb fabric $2,395 (Giorgio Armani)

The Armani Fall/Winter 2020 Collection is a plethora of luxurious winterwear from cashmere to velvets, in earthy colors and the myriad shades of sunsets. The collection comprises of mostly black pieces of clothing, some porting wool pinstripe patterns and a few nylon pieces here and there. The House has revamped some old school motives and archival designed for an attractive and covetable seasonal collection. A standout and featured above, is the double-breasted jacket from the Beckham line in a honeycomb fabric. Double-breasted jackets are a timeless silhouette in menswear and FW20 collection is bringing it back with some reworking. The unlines styles comes in a regular fit and features an iconic knitted shawl collar.  

Maison Alaïa

Pleated silk chiffon dress with open back $14,090 (Maison Alaïa)

Maison Alaïa's Pre-fall 2020 collection boasts a cohesive floral theme, although the patterns vary in guises. Expressionistic flower prints, an ode the 1990s in gravelly projections, and delicate, flowy chiffon dresses in desert hues, that change colors depending on the viewing angle comprise the clothing. Some dresses sport an indicate palette of perforated embroideries that further bouquet floral and graphic transparencies on dresses and accessories. Featured above is the pleated silk chiffon dress with an open back and a plunging elegant-looking neckline. Dyed in an ombré effect rainbow dégradém with an exquisite empire waist, it enhances the layered volume of the flared skirt. 

Donna Karan New York

Faux leather moto vest $79 (DKNY)

Speaking of clothing that would never go out of style, an honorary mention should be the classic leather jackets. They have been around for over a century and have also stood as an emblem for all things "cool". The leather jacket is more of an investment than a one-time buy because let's face it, donning the outerwear is never considered "so last season". It has been endorsed by some of the coolest people and has also had its groundbreaking pop culture moments. So it is worth considering adding this ephemeral trend to your closet staples. You can easily pull out a leather jacket and make a fashion statement without trying too hard. As part of its sleek summer style, DKNY is reinventing the classic leather jacket into a sleeves optional vest. Featured above is the Faux leather moto vest that can ramp up your OOTD, with the attitude to serve. The streamlined silhouette combines with its rocker sensibility is a perfect eye-catching ensemble to achieve that effortless baddie vibe.

Tom Ford

Laquered patent padlock pump $595 (Tom Ford)

Marilyn Monroe, the stunning, iconic actress whose fashion has been admired by many once said, "Give a woman the right shoes, and she will conquer the world." They may pretty much be at the foresight of fashion designer Tom Ford, whose eponymous label makes some of the most stylish shoes for women. Monroe also said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." While diamonds are often way too far off in our price range to be covetable, shoes aren't. When it comes to high-heels, however, we have a special place in our hearts, and the right pair of heels can boost one's confidence and transform any look. Featured above is the lacquered patent padlock pump, a pair of heels that can be easily deemed the top favorite in celebrity circles. Everyone from Beyonce to Jennifer Lopez has been rocking various styles of this timeless shoe. Cut in a smooth, sleek and slender style with a glossy finish, the shoes come with a pointed toe and a 10.5cm heel. It also sports an ankle strap with the padlock that sets the style apart. 

Fenty Skin

Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser $25 (Fenty Skin)

After years of teasing and an insanely successful make-up brand, Rihanna has finally blessed us with an entire skincare brand that is about to spice up our whole self-care routine. Twelve-step skincare? Count us in. Fenty Skin is complementary to Riri's massive make-up empire, Fenty Beauty, one of the first inclusive brands in the beauty industry. The singer-actor has always shared her love for and the importance of good skincare, and her self-owned beauty brand just goes to show how passionate she about helping others achieve their beauty goals. A cleanser is the most important part of any skin routine, and deep cleaning cleanser is even better to assure that your skin is clean of any dirt and impurities that cause problems. 

With the 'Total Cleans'r Remove-It-All Cleanser', featured above, you can get the delicious deep clean that you deserve, without overly drying your skin. The cream-based cleanser is also a 2-in-1 makeup remover and can wash off grime along with any make-up before you tuck in for the night. Made from natural ingredients, including antioxidant-packed Barbados cherry and coconut-inspired cleansers, it treats your skin right. What's more, is that it is oil-free, won't clog your pores and is perfect for any skin type.

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