TXT's Beomgyu makes fans spot Toto the parrot, Internet says 'so cute our hearts hurt'

Toto was lurking somewhere amid the lush greenery the K-pop star has in his backyard

                            TXT's Beomgyu makes fans spot Toto the parrot, Internet says 'so cute our hearts hurt'
Beomgyu of TXT and Toto (Beomgyu official Instagram)

A special pet has become a celebrity for a day as Toto trends on Twitter. For those who need an introduction, Toto is the parrot of Beomgyu of the K-pop group TXT and the pair share an inseparable bond.

Beomgyu took to social media to share some love for his special bird and a little fun by making fans search for Toto in a photo of his lush green backyard. In the first of two photos, the singer is seen smiling and holding Toto while the second features the elusive parrot hidden somewhere amid the greenery. We won't spoil the answer for you just yet without allowing you to play the spot Toto game first. Check out the photos below.


Currently, with nearly 40K tweets and less than an hour from the upload time of Beomgyu's post, the camera-shy parrot has rapidly become popular on Twitter and fans can't get enough of him. "Bg toto you guys are so cute my heart hurts," says a fan while another writes, "The power of too," sharing a screenshot of the trending count. One fan noted, "TOTO HAS BACKYARD ALL TO HIMSELF WHAT A BOSS JSKSKSKSKS."

One fan tweeted, "on beomgyu's live he was ranting about how toto wont talk or claw on him when he ask but if he's eating toto will just suddenly say "annyeonhaseyo" on him and he said playfully he was disappointed but then when someone asked if toto is a pet he immediately said, toto is a family." Another fan shared previous pics of the adorable pair, writing "watch beomgyu grow with too." Amid all the support for Beomgyu and Toto, many fans are still scratching their heads to spot Toto in the photo. Can you find him?






Meanwhile, regarding TXT's music as of late, the boy group teased their first-ever solo concert in a recent interview with Pinkvilla. Beomgyu and fellow TXT's members Yeonjun, Soobin, Taehyun, and HueningKai opened up about coping with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and shared their new year's resolutions and aspirations as well. Yeonjun shared that he would like for TXT to have a solo concert once things go back to normalcy, and revealed that he is wanting to create and release a solo rap song in 2021.

And finally, here is the answer you were looking for!


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