'Below Deck' Season 10: Who is primary charter guest Adam Sax? Tech mogul has special request for pregnant wife

'Below Deck' Season 10: Who is primary charter guest Adam Sax? Tech mogul has special request for pregnant wife
'Below Deck' Season 10 primary charter guest Adam Sax (LinkedIn/@adamsax)

RODNEY BAY, SAINT LUCIA: 'Below Deck' Season 10 is all set to bring its fifth primary guest on the deck. Well, the last primary guest made the crew members do a lot of work, therefore, the cast members are expecting a little relaxation from the upcoming one. Once again St David will get the opportunity to provide its services to the new primary charter guest, Adam Sax.


Adam along with his wife Louisa will be joining the crew members and expect the special service. Along with the couple, there will be some of their family members and close friends joining the boat. Even though these 'Below Deck' primary guests do not have any out-of-the-box expectations, they surely have some demands, keep reading to know everything about the upcoming primary charter guest.


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Who is 'Below Deck' Season 10 primary charter guest Adam Sax?

Adam Sax is the president and CEO of The Sky Guys, a complete drone platform for any business. The Sky Guys have been named Droneify helps "thousands of companies of all sizes use Droneify’s flight operations, software, and hardware solutions to inspect assets, analyze data, and manage their business better." Adam is an accomplished entrepreneur who has a great knowledge of technology. 


Adam's LinkedIn profile explains him as someone who is always looking for challenges in life. He claims to "have taken numerous initiatives in the regional, provincial, and national levels in the private sector to make a lasting impact." Before Droneify, Adam was President and CEO is Defiant Labs. Adam says in his bio, "I take pride in being a frequent contributor to non-profit organizations such as Sick Kids Foundation and ProAction Cops & Kids, where I led a committee to generate over $15,000 in just a week to fight the rising issues of underprivileged youth."

Adam has his legs deeply rooted in technology. According to Cambridge House's report, he started his first company when he was just 13 years old and since then founded and grown dozens of successful business plans. He has been involved in building internet businesses, real estate brokerage, and global development firms. Adam has been blessed with the ability to create and market. His work consistency has chiseled him in sales, strategy, and business. Moreover, Adam has bagged great recognition in his industry. Making revolutionary benefits of drone technology, Adam has been featured in Real Estate Magazine, Toronto Sun, Global & Mail, BlogTO, BuzzBuzz Home, Metro News, and many others.


Adam is married to Louisa, and the couple is now expecting their first child together. Louisa is 24 weeks pregnant. And, before welcoming their baby into the world, they want to have a vacation with their close friends. The show claims that "this group of expats and Caribbean locals all resides in the Caymans and the charter will be the first time they've been to get off-island since the start of the pandemic." The upcoming guests are mainly from the real estate and wealth management field. Moreover, they are from all over the world. Adam and his brother Alessandro are Canadian, their wives Louisa and Bianca are Caymanian, Jonathan and Imogen are from the UK, and Justin and Melanie are from the US.

Adam and Louisa do not drink. Therefore, things are going to be less hectic for 'Below Deck' crew members to manage. However, Louisa is pregnant, the guests have a special request to take care of her. She needs to eat every few hours. The chef of the deck is expected to present canapes and snacks between their regular meals. 


Let us wait and see how the party turns out. Bravo's 'Below Deck' Season 10 airs Mondays at 8 pm ET.

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