'Below Deck' reunion: Jean-Luc wanted paternity test after Dani Soares revealed pregnancy

'Below Deck' reunion: Jean-Luc wanted paternity test after Dani Soares revealed pregnancy
Dani Soares revealed how Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux from 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' reacted to her pregnancy (Dani/ Jean-Luc/ Instagram)

'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' crew mates Dani Soares and Jean-Luc 'JL' Cerza Lanaux started off on a good note. Their friendship blossomed and grew into a relationship that appeared meaningful at first. Even though it provided them with a much-needed escape from what was happening aboard Parsifal III, they knew it wouldn't work out because they were from different continents altogether. 

After the season was over, the couple hung out and later went their separate ways only to find out she was pregnant with his child. During the 'Below Deck' reunion, Soares confirmed that it was JL who was the father (a secret she kept for the longest time). She also dished on how he reacted to the news.


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JL was supportive of it at first but within months everything changed. He wanted nothing to do with the child and specifically asked Soares not to go around telling people that he was the father. When the host of 'Watch What Happens Live' Andy Cohen further asked if she was in touch with his family, she promptly denied and she has every reason to do so. His mother made a comment online, which ticked her off. She said Soares was "desperate to be a mum" and that she "used" JL for it.

"Around December, things just changed. And he was just not interested anymore. And then on the 1st of January, on New Year's, I get a message saying don't go around telling people I'm the dad of this child. I want a DNA test," Soares revealed and added that she agreed to the paternity test only if JL agreed to pay for the expenses. 

This is quite the shocker given the equation they once had. In an interview with MEAWW, he had said how they were each other's "escape" on that boat. From that to this, the transformation is quite unbelievable. "What I mean by that is while working in our departments and the guests and the crazy days and season we had we found solitude and comfort in sharing similar likes and dislikes."

'Below Deck Reunion' I and II premiered on June 21 and 22, respectively. 

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