Dani Soares leaves out baby daddy from pregnancy announcement, 'Below Deck' fans ask if Jean Luc is the father

Dani posted a picture of her baby bump on Instagram and captioned it, 'It's just you and I little baby' and fans started speculating if it was indeed Jean Luc who was the father

                            Dani Soares leaves out baby daddy from pregnancy announcement, 'Below Deck' fans ask if Jean Luc is the father
Dani Soares and Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux from 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' (Dani/ Jean-Luc/ Instagram)

Dani Soares's surprise pregnancy announcement caught fans off-guard. Although her baby bump generated quite the buzz and had most people sending out good vibes, some couldn't help but wonder why the baby daddy was left out of the equation.

In her Instagram post, she wrote: "It's just you and I little baby." And that made it amply clear that she was going through it alone. Meanwhile, fans of the show speculated if 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' co-star Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux was the father. Tad bit on the rumor side but one cannot blame the viewers from thinking in that direction given that Dani and Jean-Luc started a bit of a fling on Parsifal III.


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Just a few episodes ago, Jean-Luc was heard expressing his feelings for Dani. One could see that he was falling for her quick and hard. "I'm happy to be out with my crew, but I'd rather be hanging out with Dani alone," he had said and added: "I haven't had a serious relationship really ever, but you can definitely tell that there's something there, the sparkle in her eye or the smile on me from ear to ear."

Previously, in an interview with MEAWW, Jean-Luc said that they found an "escape" in each other. However, he didn't quite elaborate on what that meant except that they share a special working relationship.

"Me and Dani aboard Parsifal found an escape you could say in one another. What I mean by that is while working in our departments and the guests and the crazy days and season we had we found solitude and comfort in sharing similar likes and dislikes," he recalled and added: "I think the viewers are going to see how things pan out between me and Dani really soon so I don’t want to spill the beans yet, you guys just have to stay tuned."

Meanwhile, fans weighed in with their doubts. "But is it Jean-Luc’s," one asked, while another retorted: "why not just congratulate her and keep the questions to yourself? If she wanted to make the father’s identity known she would have.....clearly by her stating it’s just her and the baby, she isn’t comfortable going into that now."


"I got the joke. Do you see her following jean luc? Do you see him following her? No. So maybe she doesn’t want to be asked that," a third commented on Dani's photo. A fourth user posted: "That's six foot guy on the sailboat didn't do that did he," to which another replied: "pretty sure it was him."

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