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‘Below Deck’: Fans find charter guest Michael 'sketchy' after he behaves inappropriately towards Simone

Michael continued with his inappropriate behavior and unfortunately, Simone couldn’t do anything about it because he was the guest.

The charter guests on ‘Below Deck’ are an interesting bunch of people. This season we already had Brandi, who had all fans concerned for her health after watching her alcohol intake levels, then the bunch of ladies who insisted on groping Captain Lee’s backside without his consent, and now we have a bunch of frat-boys and girls from Florida State University, who have chartered the yacht for one huge luxury yacht party.
The primary, Michael, has his eyes set on stewardess Simone Mashile. From the time he got on the yacht, we saw him passing inappropriate remarks and make unwarranted passes at her. On the latest episode, he kept making sexually charged remarks at her. He suggested they go shark diving, where she is the diver and he is a shark. Later he tells Simone that once she goes white, she won’t go back. Although Simone looked visibly uncomfortable, he didn’t stop. He continued with his inappropriate behavior, and unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything about it because he was the guest.
Fans called out Michael for his inappropriate behavior. A fan wrote, “Michael is borderline harassing Simone. A lot of the guests just think because they pay a lot of money all of their behavior should be tolerated #smh #belowdeck.” Another fan tweeted, “OMG The primary just said to Simone "Once you go white".  Could he be anymore offensive? #BelowDeck”. “Someone please stop this guest from harassing Simone!!! It’s so creepy. #belowdeck,” requested a fan.


Several fans wondered why Michael didn’t stop with his behavior despite noticing Simone’s discomfort. A fan commented, “It's so obvious Simone is not comfortable with this guy's harassment. Does he really not see it? Or does he not care? Probably both #Belowdeck.”

Another fan wrote, “Omg charter guest Michael is so sketchy. Step away from Simone and no one gets hurt. Freak. #BelowDeck.”

“Poor Simone... I mean honestly. It sucks that you have to allow the guests to verbally attack you with their sexual advances, because you don’t want to risk getting a good tip. It’s really disgusting... and sad... and out dated. And this is yachting.  #BelowDeck (sic),” pointed out a fan.

“When are they gonna call sexual harassment on the asshole that’s harassing Simone #BelowDeck,” added another.
Simone’s boss Kate Chastain removed her from service after she noticed the primary misbehaving with her. Fans appreciated Kate’s move. A fan tweeted, “Good move, @Kate_Chastain These guests are like working with toddlers. You have to remove the target & practice the art of distraction & redirection. Smooth, Lady! Well done! #BelowDeck."

‘Below Deck’ Season 7 airs every Monday at 9 pm ET/PT only on Bravo.