Bella Hadid donates 600 trees to help reduce her carbon footprint caused by 30 flights she took in three months

The model and social figure is making news with her recent initiative to reduce her own carbon footprint by donating 600 trees and people cannot stop talking about it.

                            Bella Hadid donates 600 trees to help reduce her carbon footprint caused by 30 flights she took in three months
Bella Hadid (Source : Getty Images)

Twenty-three-year-old model Bella Hadid is taking serious steps toward environmental conservation. She believes that her lifestyle is contributing to carbon footprint and she wants to take steps to cut it down.

As reported by Fox News, she is all set to donate 600 trees, which are to be planted in order to reduce the carbon footprint resulting from all her flying activities. Commercial and private flights result in a lot of carbon footprint and the supermodel feels that her job affects the environment. So she took to Instagram recently and declared that she would be donating 600 trees with the aim of making up for all the negative impacts of her plane travels.

Her post read, “Donating 600 trees to be planted, 20 for each flight I took these past 3 months and probably will continue for the rest of the year. It makes me sad how much my job effects [sic] my carbon footprint and of how brutally climate change is obviously effecting [sic] the world. Mother Nature needs some love”, she added.

Bella wants to start the project right at her home in California, where recent wildfires devastated the wilderness and cause severe damages to the natural environment. After a majority of trees are planted in her home state, the rest of the trees will be planted in various spots around the world.

Her post stated the same and she detailed out her forestation plan. "I’ll be starting with my home in California (129 million trees need to be restored re: wildfires, 1.3 million acres burned) and of course the Amazon for the most recent wildfires, but please reach out and let me know which locations need to be shown some love as well , all regions welcome🙏🏽 Africa, Asia, North America, and Latin America💛,” she explained.

Her post continued with her thought behind the entire project initiative. “This is so exciting and interesting to me, that even though I’m not physically there, trees are being brought to life in the most incredible places that are in demand of them! It’s the air we breathe, the water we drink, the biodiversity and animal life we need”, she added.

The social media post along with a creative photo also read, "I know it’s not much, but when I fly, I look out the window and see so many beautiful, extensive forests, so much land, and trees but also so much that needs lots of help.. think about the animals too💛. Once I get home I’m definitely planting my own tree outside. so inspired by my friends 💛🌿🌱🌳🌼🌼 ps I did some research and is probably the easiest website I’ve found to donate to multiple regions at the same time, if you’re interested:).”

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