Does Tom Cruise wear dentures? Star's front teeth were knocked out by his kids!

Tom Cruise was playing with his kids Isabella and Connor when one of their heels struck him in the mouth

                            Does Tom Cruise wear dentures? Star's front teeth were knocked out by his kids!
Tom Cruise attends the 'The Mummy' New York Fan Event at AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York City (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Actor and Scientology advocate Tom Cruise reportedly lost his front teeth during an incident where one of his kids accidentally kicked him in the face. This revelation was made in a docuseries.

Legendary New York Post gossip columnist, Cindy Adams, 91, is at the center of the Showtime docuseries titled ‘Gossip’. As per Showtime, this “juicy four-part docuseries on the rise of tabloid media and the cut-throat players who blew up the news,” digs into the ascent of Rupert Murdoch and America’s "insatiable appetite for dirt.” The network adds, “Money, power, sex, fame: everything’s fair game when celebrity scoops and society scandals move from the margins to the mainstream and column inches turn into currency that could destroy reputations or even make a President.”


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The series aired from August 22 to September 12. The producers were interviewing Col Allan, the former editor-in-chief of the New York Post when he made this revelation. Allan recalled a time during the early stages of Cruise’s relationship with Katie Holmes. He said the couple was trying to make a name for themselves in New York after moving to Brooklyn. Allan said Cruise wanted to make sure he stayed out of Page Six and asked for a dinner meeting.

The two met up to talk about the actor’s “expectations”. he said, “We went to a place — I think it was on 54th street, called Circo. We sat in a corner and he actually ordered a bottle of red wine, which I thought was surprising because he was a Scientologist and they generally don’t drink.”

“And we’re drinking and talking, and the next thing I know," the journalist said, "both of his front teeth fell out onto the table cloth right in front of me.” Allan said he felt “speechless” at the time: “I mean, this is a face that’s on posters all over the world, good looking guy and there are his front teeth."


The actor explained that he was playing with his kids Isabella and Connor — he shares them with ex-wife Nicole Kidman — when one of their heels struck him in the mouth and knocked out his teeth. Allan said that Cruise looked around for his teeth before popping them back in: “It was an uncomfortable moment."

Allan said that he told Adams about the incident later, and she was dying to cover the “delicious” story. “I made the mistake of telling Cindy, who you know [said] ‘Oh my god that’s great, I’m gonna write that’," he recalled, "and I said, ‘No you can’t do that. I gave Tom my word I wouldn’t do it.’ So you know, that story was never published until I’ve just told you right now, so there you go.”

As per reports, in the '80s, Cruise’s teeth were discolored and extremely unaligned. Reportedly, he initially fixed this issue with teeth whitening and alignment procedures.

Recently, Cruise was spotted looking noticeably different at a baseball game with his son Connor. The 'Top Gun' actor was fat-shamed for his "pudgy face". Cruise's face became the subject of a hot discussion online after he was photographed at Game 2 of the National League Division Series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants on October 10.

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