'Becoming': Michelle Obama gets candid about marital problems, counseling and stress of being the First Lady

Michelle said she resented that her husband was prioritizing himself after he became the president and the changes around her were overwhelming

                            'Becoming': Michelle Obama gets candid about marital problems, counseling and stress of being the First Lady
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She is America's sweetheart and her partnership with Barack Obama made them the country's most favorite couple. But as remarkable and glorious as it may seem from the outside, the former President of the United States and the former First Lady were not quite the “perfect couple” as you might want to think.

Two years after Barack's term ended as the president, Michelle went on a nationwide tour to promote her book 'Becoming'. But this tour was not just about the book. It also explored Michelle’s life, her background and the person she really is above and beyond her image of being the First Lady.

During conversations at various events with talk show hosts and moderators, Michelle got candid about her life as a wife and mother. Lest you thought being the First Lady of the United States is all about having the “picture-perfect” life, this documentary is sure to break that bubble.

In one of her tours, she sat down with talk show host Gayle King and spilled some real-life facts. You might be surprised to learn that even Michelle had to deal with marital issues and coming to terms with the changes that occurred one after the other. When she and Barack got married, they had what one would call a normal life. But the arrival of their children brought in a lot of changes.

Michelle was an ambitious young woman, rising up her career ladder and with motherhood, she had to make adjustments. She realized that she cannot have the same aspirations and needs to, in her words “dial in back”. Michelle and Barack’s marriage has always been like a partnership. And then, when her husband became the most important man in the country, she realized that she needs to step up to be able to be considered equal. Sounds familiar?

With great responsibilities come great challenges and Michelle’s marital life was no different. Would you believe if one said that Michelle and Barack sought marital counseling? But they did. Realizing how difficult it was to deal with everything that was happening with her, Michelle sought help and addressed the most pressing issue that most couples have: “How do I take control of my own happiness within our marriage."

Michelle resented that her husband was prioritizing himself and the changes around her overwhelmed her. In her words, "It’s hard. It’s hard blending two lives together." But counseling helped her work through her marriage and take control of the relationship and as they say, the rest is history.

Despite being the First Lady, Michelle also fulfilled the role of a wife, partner, mother and friend to many, just like anyone else. A glimpse into her personal life and the many troubles makes this documentary a special one.

‘Becoming’ starts streaming on Netflix on May 6.

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