'Batwoman' Episode 7 'Tell Me the Truth' promo hints at Kate’s capture by Crows after imploring Sophie to keep her identity from Jacob

In episode 6 of 'Batwoman', we saw Jacob Kane's hatred for Batman and masked vigilantes. This is the one thing that has kept him sane and stopped him from blaming himself for his wife's death and daughter Beth's disappearance. If he learns Kate is Batwoman, the consequences will be irreparable

                            'Batwoman' Episode 7 'Tell Me the Truth' promo hints at Kate’s capture by Crows after imploring Sophie to keep her identity from Jacob

The end of the Episode 6 promo for 'Batwoman' Episode 7 titled 'Tell me the Truth' spotlights one particular subplot of the upcoming episode. Now that Sophie Moore (Meagan Tandy) knows the truth about who the person behind the Batwoman mask is, she might reveal the truth to her commander Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott).

He heads Crows Security in Gotham and dislikes anyone dressed up in masks, who go around taking the law into their own hands in the name of justice. Jacob strongly believes Batman was the reason his family split apart.

He blames everything including the car accident that occurred years ago on Batman and claims he lost his daughter Beth (now Alice played by Rachel Skarsten) and wife because of Batman. Now, his daughter Kate has taken the mantle from her cousin Bruce Wayne. She has become a caped crusader herself, still under Batman's shadow, but she does her best to keep Gotham safe.

In the third episode, when Sophie and Batwoman were investigating the Executioner case, Sophie gets hit with a bullet and when Batwoman saves her, she figures out Kate is Batwoman. How? That is never explained in the episode, but it is clear Sophie wants to let her Commander know at once that Batwoman is Kate.

In the short promo, we see Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson) tell Kate she has to stop Sophie before things get out of hand. We also see Kate try to convince Sophie not to reveal the truth about Batwoman to Jacob. She tries to explain to Sophie that since their time at the military academy, she has never been able to get over Sophie.


She wants Sophie to support her decision to safeguard Gotham. This doesn't seem to work though, because in one of the next scenes we see Jacob receive a call from one of his agents who says that he has Batwoman.

Jacob tells the agent to bring Batwoman over right away. In the meanwhile, the promo also makes it seem as if Batwoman walked into a trap laid by the Crows. Could it really mean Sophie betrayed Kate yet again? 

Other than Sophie, there are two other people who could possibly reveal Kate's truth to Jacob. The first one to realize the truth about Kate was her sister Beth who has now transformed into one of Gotham's feared villains, Alice.

In episode 6, Alice's close ally Mouse (Sam Littlefield) also found the truth about Batwoman's identity. So it is also possible Mouse, who is unhappy about sharing Alice, planned it all. It is true Alice and Mouse had come to an agreement about not hurting Kate for now at the end of episode 6.

They came to this agreement after Mouse got access to a gun that can shoot bullets that can penetrate the Bat-suit. He got this from Catherine Hamilton-Kane's (Elizabeth Anweis) research facility by using one of the researchers' face to camouflage himself.

The chances of Mouse trying to take Kate out of the equation is quite high. By informing the Crows about Batwoman's location, Mouse may try to take her out without breaking his promise to Alice. 

The next episode of 'Batwoman' will air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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