'Batwoman' episode 6 sees the Kane family struggle and Kate lets Jacob continue to believe Batman ruined their family

In 'Batwoman' episode 6 titled 'I'll Be Judge, I'll Be Jury', we see Kate and Jacob argue about who was really at fault for what happened years ago, after the car accident that took Kate and Beth's mother's life. Jacob refuses to accept that Batman was not at fault.

                            'Batwoman' episode 6 sees the Kane family struggle and Kate lets Jacob continue to believe Batman ruined their family

Spoilers ahead for 'Batwoman' episode 6...

'Batwoman' episode 6 sees Kate (Ruby Rose) deal with quite a few problems in parallel and that's going to be her life for a while. With the appearance of the Executioner, a man with a mask who uses methods of capital punishment to kill his victims, Kate is busy playing the caped crusader. She has successfully gained the trust of Gotham's Police Department and is now on their speed dial, as Luke (Camrus Johnson) says. She isn't, however, her father's favorite person at the moment because Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) believes that masked men who are after justice are influenced solely by vengeance and nothing else. Jacob also believes that if it were not for Batman, then the car accident that took his wife's life would have never occurred and his family would also have not split apart. 

Especially after realizing that Alice (Rachel Skarsten) is his daughter Beth who went missing after the accident, Jacob has become a lot more aggressive towards Batwoman and as the founder of Crows Security, he is trying to gain the public's trust by doing the right thing. Which is to put the man behind the mask of the Executioner behind bars and lock him up for good. There is just one problem though -- Jacob has not identified the man behind the mask accurately. He believes that the Executioner is a black male who recently got out on parole and is taking revenge on the men who were on his case. Specifically; the judge, the detective, and the district attorney. 

Batwoman with her associate Luke Fox's help finds out that the real Executioner is a man who worked in Gotham's prison as executioner. They see the connection between the method of murder and the job profile, track the man to his house and find a thumb drive that he left for anyone who was able to track him down. The Executioner, reveals that Gotham's three most celebrated public servants, who were known to put the worst of criminals behind the bar including the man who murdered Luke's father Lucius Fox. 

A still of the Executioner from 'Batwoman' episode 6. (Source: The CW)


When Luke sees this, he initially refuses to accept that the attorney that he was so grateful for was a corrupt man who continually pinned charges of individuals of color, going to the extent of getting coerced confessions from suspects. Kate makes him see reason and then hands over the pendrive with the Executioner's confession in it to the police and Crows. Kate wants her father to accept Batwoman, let her help Gotham by fighting crime and she sees this case as an opportunity to prove herself as Batwoman and keep the city's hope in her alive. 

As Batwoman and Jacob butt head again while the Executioner tries to kill his last victim -- the judge -- the two end up getting in a heated argument about why Jacob had found the need to shoot the Executioner when the Batwoman and he were fighting. Unexpectedly, Batwoman and Jacob are caught in the Executioner's trap and end up getting locked in a room that is quickly turning into a gas chamber. Jacob is unaware that the woman behind the mask is none other than his daughter. When he realizes that this room could be his last few minutes alive, Jacob refuses her help or even looking at her face because he hates the Bat. He hates Batman for what he did to Jacob's family, believes that the car crash that took his wife's life as Batman's fault and even goes to the extent of blaming Beth's loss on Batman. 


Jacob also confesses to Batwoman that if he were to stop blaming Batman, he might have to begin blaming himself. This is something that Kate had brought up during their argument and Kate as Batwoman sees how her father struggles to come to terms with the fact that something he did could be why Beth turned into Alice. So then she decides, that she will let her father continue to hate on everything connected to Batman and in her note to Bruce Wayne, she confesses that she was the one to be blamed for abandoning Alice because it was she who turned away from the door behind which Alice was kept captive. 

Even as Kate struggles with fighting villains and being a filial daughter, Alice is brewing a plan with Mouse (Sam Littlefield). More on this later!

The next episode of 'Batwoman' will air on Sunday at 8 pm on The CW. 

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