'Batwoman' inspired by Greg Rucka's 'Elegy', but CW series strays majorly from plotline of comic book

The CW's 'Batwoman' starring Ruby Rose in the lead role is slated to premiere on October 6 and will see Kate Kane adorn the crusader's cape for the first time.

                            'Batwoman' inspired by Greg Rucka's 'Elegy', but CW series strays majorly from plotline of comic book

Creator Caroline Dries confirmed in an interview that The CW's 'Batwoman' was inspired by the comic book 'Batwoman: Elegy' by Greg Rucka. After having watched the first episode of the show, and having seen the very many trailers and teasers that the network has released, I do see a parallel, but the show starring Ruby Rose as the titular character, veers away from the main plot point of Rucka's comic book right from the get-go.

The comics were published as a part of 'Batman: Reborn' issue and it begins with Batman overseeing Batwoman's case as she investigates the thirteen Religion of Crime covens in Gotham City.

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Batman tells her that while this is her case, he will be watching out for her and be ready to jump and help her out when necessary. This happens to be the first difference. In the comics, Bruce Wayne disappears in the aftermath of Battle for the Cowl leaving a power vacuum, and it is the status quo that is redefined in 'Batman: Reborn'.

In the show, the creators have entirely removed Batman's presence for the time being. 


The timeline of the show is three years after Batman's disappearance when crime rate has shot up in Gotham City, and the sole protector of the city that was once watched by the caped crusader happens to be Kate Kane's father, Jacob Kane, and his security company. From the first episode that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 followed by Paleyfest 2019, it was clear that Jacob Kane had no idea about his daughter's outings at night and the episode also shows an underlying tension between father and daughter.

This unhappiness has to do with Kate's discharge from the military under the 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy after her relationship with fellow officer Sophie Moore (Megan Tandy) is discovered. While Sophie stayed back at the academy, Kate came out to her senior officers and as a result, was discharged. Sure Jacob is happy to see that his daughter is back in town and ready to help, but after the kidnapping of one of the security personnel of Crows by a gang, he wants his daughter to stay out of the whole thing. He has no intention of letting her help and even goes as far as to say that she is a female Bruce Wayne. 

A still of Alice in 'Batwoman' episode 1. (Source: The CW)

The CW show is an origin story and so it sets up Kate Kane's first brush with the super-suit by forcing her into a situation which may lead to the loss of a loved one. Her ex-girlfriend from the military, Sophie, is the one kidnapped by Alice, and in an effort to save her, Kate dons her cousin's suit. 

Now, in the comics, not only does Jacob help his daughter with her nightly activities, he even equips her with interesting weapons. Alice comes to Gotham after Kate as the leader of thirteen Religion of Crime covens, unlike in the show where Kate follows Alice into Gotham City. Once in town, Alice kidnaps Kate's father, because he is the one who supports Kate through her tough times, which also included her being stabbed through the heart in previous issues. 

With Batwoman being expected to become a part of the Elseworlds Crossover, where is The CW show headed and what exactly from the comic inspired the creator? We will have to wait and watch when the show premieres on October 6 on The CW at 8 p.m. ET.

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