'Batwoman' Episode 2 sees Alice manage to find out conflicted Kate Kane's secret identity despite warnings from Sophie and Jacob

Kate ends up jumping into the water to save her sister with her suit on. Kate then receives a letter. Written by Alice, the letter is addressed to Kate, which is kept inside a box with a bat, a reference to Kate's suit

                            'Batwoman' Episode 2 sees Alice manage to find out conflicted Kate Kane's secret identity despite warnings from Sophie and Jacob

Spoilers ahead for 'Batwoman' Episode 2

'Batwoman' Episode 2 delved deeper into Kate Kane's (Ruby Rose) past. The more Kate thinks about Wondergang leader Alice's (Rachel Skarsten) weird contraption of a weapon that has a garnet stone embedded in it, the more certain she is of the fact Alice could be her sister Beth who was believed to be dead after the car Beth, Kate and their mother were in met with an accident.

Kate finds a way to meet Alice after she passes on a secret message to her through one of her gang members. Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott), Kate and Beth's father is unable to accept that Alice, a leader of one of the most horrendous gangs in Gotham, could be his daughter.

A still of Kate Kane and Alice in 'Batwoman'. (Source: The CW)

He tries to deny it as much as he can and even tries to take her into custody. With Sophie Moore's (Meagan Tandy) help, he finds out where Kate and Alice are meeting and ambushes them into surrendering, which results in Alice getting cuffed and arrested. 

While the Crows try to transport Alice to a holding facility, Kate decides to play the superhero and dons the Batsuit to help her sister. Before she reaches though, the vehicle Alice is in is attacked by her gang members and meets with an accident.

Kate sees it all play out as if history is repeating itself while Alice almost ends up drowning. Kate ends up jumping in to save her sister with her suit on, but she doesn't explicitly reveal to Alice it was she who had fought Alice before to save Sophie.

Throughout the episode, we see Kate being pulled in different directions about her sister. Sophie, Kate's ex and one of the agents in Crows Security explains that Alice is a monster who had Sophie kidnapped and had even tried to kill her.

Her father tries to knock some sense into her by explaining the variety of crimes Alice had committed in the past. He shows the images from crime scenes where Alice had killed people, to ensure Kate understands the magnitude of the problem. 

A still of Jacob Kane in 'Batwoman'. (Source: The CW)

Then, we also see Alice plan Kate's step-sister Mary's death because she is seen as Alice's competition. Despite all of that, Kate is still undecided about how she would be dealing with her sister in the future.

Then, Kate sees a letter addressed to her, which is left on her bike. Written by Alice, the letter addressed to Kate which is kept inside a box has a bat, a reference to Kate's suit. Alice also tells Kate that she has their father's eyes, which was the only part that was visible underwater to Alice of the person who saved her. 

While Kate was already conflicted about how she would treat Alice in the future, this changes things. How could Kate objectively be able to fight her sister knowing the truth about how she had abandoned her when they were younger? Considering how the city of Gotham has now pinned their hopes on the new Bat in the wing, will Kate be able to fight against familial piety and win a fight against Alice? 

'Batwoman' airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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