'Batwoman' actor Camrus Johnson agrees Luke is to Kate what Lucius is to Batman though he takes time to warm to her

'Batwoman' actor Camrus Johnson agrees Luke is to Kate what Lucius is to Batman though he takes time to warm to her

Spoilers for 'Batwoman' episode 2 ahead...

In the two episodes of 'Batwoman' that we have seen so far, the relationship between Luke Fox (Camrus Johnson), Lucius Fox's son, and the current caretaker of Wayne Tower and Kate Kane aka Batwoman is made purely of snarky remarks, sarcastic comments and insufferable denial from both sides.

Then we saw Luke become engrossed in Kate's nightly activities when he finally gets access to the communication console of Batwoman. During a particularly tough moment, Kate's life depended solely on Luke rightly figuring out how to use the console to help Kate, who is in the Batsuit, gain consciousness and to avoid the cops.

Right on time, Luke figures out the right switch for the defibrillator and has Kate back on her feet in no time. It is at that moment we know Kate and Luke will get along really well. In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Johnson teased how his relationship with Kate will evolve over time. 

He said, "Luke was pretty sceptical about it all at first - the way she'd make her own rules, push by, threaten him. But I think he soon realized how much Kate reminded him of Bruce, and more importantly that there was a chance for Gotham to have a savior once again. Luke clearly still believes that Kate has a lot to learn, but he also has been itching to see someone put that suit on again and if it takes him guiding her down the right path, so be it." 


Camrus Johnson plays the role of Luke Fox in 'Batwoman'. (Source: The CW)

So does this make Luke Fox to Kate Kane what Lucius Fox was to Bruce Wayne? Johnson thinks so: "You could definitely say that, although I'm not sure how Luke would like it. They're such similar characters but the dynamics are slightly different. Luke tends to push back a lot more than Lucius because of the bar set so high by his dad and by Bruce. Luke and Kate definitely butt heads with each other substantially more than Lucius and Bruce ever did. But as far as being the tech teammate to make sure the Bat is prepared for anything she may face, and an asset to her in order to safely use Wayne Technology to clean the city up...oh yea. Luke is to Batwoman as Papa Fox is to Batman."

Johnson also spoke about how it was to work with Rachel Skarsten and Ruby Rose on the show. He said, "They're both incredible to work with and I'm lucky to have the relationship with them both that I do. Rachel and Ruby were actually the first two cast members that I met when I got to Vancouver for the first episode and they were both so warm and friendly from the beginning. I love the number of scenes I get to have with Ruby and the banter between us. Rachel also got me and half the cast into fostering dogs because she is a wonderful human being and working on saving the planet - I've been happy to learn what I have from her."


The next episode of 'Batwoman' will air Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. 

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