Basketball Wives star Shaunie O'Neal faces crisis of trust after reports Evelyn slept with her ex

There's a rumour that Evelyn slept with Shaunie's ex; but why didn't anybody tell her? Also, who started it? Here's a hint: Tami and Jennifer are involved!

                            Basketball Wives star Shaunie O'Neal faces crisis of trust after reports Evelyn slept with her ex
Shaunie O'Neal (Source : Getty Images)

Turns out these are some trying, tough times for Shaunie O'Neal. Usually busy with trying to bring the ladies of Basketball Wives to come around to peace, this latest revelation must be a little hard for her; and why you ask? Because she has just learned that some people have been brewing and spreading around a rumour about her and she doesn't know whom or what to trust anymore!

As per latest revelations, the rumour has already gotten tears, change in heart, and some major confusion; but what exactly is it?

Don't worry — we have answers for you. The alleged rumour going around is that Evelyn apparently sept with Shaunie's ex. And why is everybody so affected by it? Because as per Tami, Jennifer was the one who brought it up during her iconic five-year beef with Evelyn. But then again, if Jenn is to be believed, Tami is the one who told her about it. 

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Honestly, we can't blame Shaunie for being confused because who do you even side with on this debacle?

But wait — things get messier. The real issue seems to be that almost everyone knew about this except Shaunie and Evelyn. And the most mind-boggling bit? Nobody has any faintest smidge of an idea about where it came from or who started it in the first place.

For all Shaunie fans wondering how their fave is taking the news, well, she has been overwhelmed, clearly. Not only is she trying to figure out if one of her oldest friends had, in fact, slept with her ex, but she is also trying to debate why nobody tried to pull her aside and give her some intel on this, over the past one year, especially since everyone seems to have known this for quite a while now!

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Shaunie took to her social media to tweet about the whole issue. Her tweet read: Damn who is my friend? #Basketballwives

Of course, not every fan and follower of the show is buying this - and speaking for that half of the population, one user wrote back: "I'm beginning to think all this is staged!"

But Shaunie had the response ready for that too, it seems. Replying to the user, the Basketball Wives star wrote back: "Not at all..... this has been the toughest season to date to film."So what even is the truth anymore? Who is lying? Only time can tell!