'Basketball Wives' star Jennifer Williams subtly shades co-stars on social media

Things went down between Williams and the rest of the stars after they accused her of distasteful comments about co-star Evelyn Lozada's child's appearance.

                            'Basketball Wives' star Jennifer Williams subtly shades co-stars on social media

'Basketball Wives' star Jennifer Williams has some shade to drop. And what better place to do that than Paris? After the show's extremely heated season 7 finale and also a quick reunion which she chose not to  attend, Jennifer decided to fly off to Paris for clearly some treasured alone time. And what's the piping hot tea here? She didn't tag any of her co-stars along with her. 

Which makes sense, considering all the drama that went down in the season finale, aired not so long ago. For those clueless, the fellow Wives had a bone or two to pick with Jennifer, for her distasteful comments about co-star Evelyn Lozada's daughter's appearance. A lot was said with many accusations flying and the final result of that is presumably the fact that Jennifer doesn't plan on associating with any of her fellow co-stars outside of work.

So, the 43-year-old, who celebrated her birthday this September 17, extended the celebrations by treating herself in the French capital in all its glory - as is clear from her latest Instagram snap posted on September 25. But here's the catch: Jennifer isn't on a solo trip, as she disclosed through Instagram comments. She is, in fact, very much surrounded by 'real friends' - probably implying that none of her Basketball Wives cast mates belong in that category.


This became clear with her September 25 Instagram post, which she captioned: “In these Parisian streets on my favorite street…   #StillCelebratingMyBirthday." Another photo from the same trip shows the star posing in triangular sunglasses, a Balenciaga sweater, jeans, and strappy heels. Promoting her fashion line again? Or just resonating with Aubrey Hepburn's famous saying, “Paris is always a good idea" - considering she went with the same quote for her caption on the post...

But that isn't the point; soon as Jennifer posted the photos, her fans and followers started pouring in compliments for her look. “So elegent and classy with a drop of Sassy..luv ya @jenniferwilliams" one of them wrote. Others went for words like “You was always fly af" and “Sitting Pretty Per Usual Fck They Thought.” One of them took to complimenting her outfit choices, claiming she "neverrrrrr let us down with fashion….like everrr!!!”

And then there was another enthusiast who addressed the inevitable. “R u vacationing alone. If so probably 4 the best. Enjoy yourself. Let the haters fly,” Instagram user @2snowball asked Jennifer. And what did she have to say? "@2snowball no I’m with my real friends…” 


Ouch! Trust Jennifer Williams to shade people ever so subtly for attacking her on camera. Something her fans believe is the gospel truth, as they went on with their shower of compliments and applauded her for not hanging out with the 'fakes' and only sticking to those who got her back.

“@jenniferwilliams GIRL! Seriously I’m on your side those girls needed a donkey to hang and you were like NOT I! Lol i STAN with Jen and plus Tammy is fakeee just like the other girls you were such a good new girl for the show! They screwed this season by coming for you," one of them wrote in support. “@jenniferwilliams already   f— them haters I love ya!!!!" added another.

Yet one particular follower begged to differ from the norm. “@jenniferwilliams You had real friends & lost them by being messy, liar . So you should’ve kept that comment HONAYYY!!!” they wrote on the post.