'Basketball Wives' star Brandi Maxiell just learned that hubby Jason cheated on her with over 50 women

Brandi and Jason were on the OWN show 'Fix My Life,’ when the reality star learned via their therapist Iyanla Vanzant that her husband has cheated on her way more than she knew.

                            'Basketball Wives' star Brandi Maxiell just learned that hubby Jason cheated on her with over 50 women

Most women on Vh1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ have the worst luck when it comes to their husbands’ extra-marital affairs. While many of these women have been burned by the men who vowed to stand by them, Brandi Maxiell may just have it the worst. 

BET reports that the reality star has recently discovered that during the course of their marriage, her husband Jason Maxiell cheated on her with over 50 women. And, to make matters worse, she learned it on camera. She has spoken openly about Jason’s infidelity in the past as well.

This bomb of a body count, however, was dropped on Brandi while on the OWN show ‘Fix My Life,’ of which the former athlete and his wife are a part. The strict and no-nonsense life coach Iyanla Vanzant is helping them resolve the issues in their marriage. However, it’s hard to tell if there is every going to a be comeback for Brandi and Jason after this huge reveal.  


Fans of the show know that Brandi has had her own set of turbulence, which includes being diagnosed with ovarian cancer before successfully beating it. During the course of the ‘Fix My Life’ episode we see Brandi admitting to Vanzant that her husband has a drinking problem, something that both her mother and Jason’s mother believe as well. However, Jason was reluctant to admit to having a problem, himself, claiming that he does not get drunk, but drinks about four beers every day.  

It was after pointing out the fact that Jason was in denial that Vanzant asked him to reveal the actual number of women he has slept with. At the time, Brandi had believed that it was eight, and found the fact that her husband has slept with over 50 women “disgusting.” 

Vazant asks Brandi why she finds this disgusting and not “ten plus” to be so. “I am not saying 10 isn’t. Eight is a.. a lot for me,” said Brandi. When asked if she knows what he is doing and why he is doing it, she said she has asked but she doesn’t know and that she no longer wants to know. 

After this she walked off from the session with tears in her eyes, even though Vanzant tried to stop her by saying, “leaving is not going to help.” It remains to be seen how this shocking piece of information will impact their marriage and road to recovery.