What is Malaysia Pargo's net worth? Inside 'Basketball Wives' star's feud with Jackie Christie on being 'broke'

Jackie and Malaysia got into a violent fight where the former rushed at her with a chair

                            What is Malaysia Pargo's net worth? Inside 'Basketball Wives' star's feud with Jackie Christie on being 'broke'
Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo on 'Basketball Wives' (VH1)

'Basketball Wives' Season 9 is setting up shop for some nuclear-grade drama. In Episode 1, which aired on Tuesday, February 9, we saw Evelyn Lozada make a last-ditch effort to save whatever was left of Jackie Christie and Malaysia Pargo's friendship. 

Evelyn called the ex-BFFs to a restaurant so that they could meet. None of the two knew they'd be bumping into each other. Malaysia had just begun to address how they left the previous season when Jackie entered and that was Malaysia's cue to leave. Yes, the Season 8 feud was that bad. Read on to know more about how a conversation snowballed into an almost-physical fight.


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Jackie told Evelyn Lozada and a few other castmates that Jennifer Williams has a hand in spreading rumors about Malaysia's personal life — that she is homeless, broke and is not a good mother to her kids.

According to Jackie's source who informed her about Jennifer gossiping about Malaysia's money situation, she was "kicked" out of her house and could not afford to live in Los Angeles. But this is hard to believe since Malaysia's net worth is at $3.5 million, according to a Celebrity Net Worth report.


This riled Malaysia so much so that she decided to confront the ladies involved at a retro-themed party, held at a skating rink no less. She wanted to get to the bottom of the rumor and started with Jennifer, who was surprised at being accused of being a gossip. She cleared the air, said that it was Jackie who said things about Malaysia and that she hadn't heard of it prior to their chat.

Malaysia was not giving up easily. She took it up with Jackie the instant she arrived. What followed next was them getting into each other's spaces, literally. Jackie tried to reason that she would never do that to Malaysia but since she wouldn't listen, she ran towards her with a chair in her hand. It was explosive, that fight. Since then they have clearly not been pally and that cold vibe is not going away anytime soon. For all we know, they may get into another intense tiff this season too. 

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