Who is Liza Morales? 'Basketball Wives' star practiced celibacy after Lamar Odom left her for Khloe Kardashian

Liza and Lamar share three children together and even got engaged but apparently, Lamar did not want to tie the knot with her

                            Who is Liza Morales? 'Basketball Wives' star practiced celibacy after Lamar Odom left her for Khloe Kardashian
Liza Morales of 'Basketball Wives' (Getty Images)

'Basketball Wives' is returning with a handful of newcomers and Liza Morales is one of them. While she is ready for a new chapter and is looking forward to being a part of the cast, will her past with former NBA player Lamar Odom continue to haunt her? We don't know what's in store for her when she arrives at the mansion where Season 9 was filmed, but let's explore the years she has left behind. 

Liza and Lamar were high school sweethearts and have known each other since they were in ninth grade. They met in 1996 and their love lasted for a little over a decade. While they began their journey with a lot of promises, three children later (their son, six-month-old Jayden, died of sudden infant death syndrome), the couple called it quits. 


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Liza Morales departs New York Supreme court after a custody hearing with ex-boyfriend NBA player Lamar Odom at New York State Supreme Court on March 5, 2013, in New York City (Getty Images)

She wanted to get married, but he wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. But that wasn't the final straw. She may have gotten tired of listening to a "no" every time they had a discussion about the next big step, but Liza checked out when she learned of Lamar getting married to Khloe Kardashian, someone he dated for just four weeks. But this was not the hard part. Lamar informed Liza about his wedding via text. 

"It read ‘I’m getting married’ and it was from the man I’d spent more than 10 years of my life with. Years that included us getting engaged in 2000 and becoming parents to one daughter and two sons," she wrote in a Daily Beast essay and asked how a man who wasn't ready to commit could suddenly be so prepared for such a big deal? But her complaint with Lamar is not restricted to the fact that he moved on quickly. She is not okay with how much of an "absentee" father he has been to his children.


Given the laundry list of complaints, it's commendable that Liza has not moved on with another man and has stayed celibate since Lamar left. In one of the episodes of VH1's 'Starter Wives Confidential', she admitted that she hadn't had sex in four years. This was 2013. Not much is known about her dating life and so, we cannot confirm if she is still practicing celibacy. 

Her backstory is interesting and makes a good case for reality shows but that was possibly not what caught executive producer Shaunie O'Neal's attention. Liza is more than her relationship with the ex-Los Angeles Lakers. She is a fashion designer based out of New York City and her net worth is at $3M, Celebrity Net Worth reported. 

Catch more of Liza when she makes an appearance on 'Basketball Wives' Season 9 when it premieres on February 9, Tuesday. For more information, check your local listings.

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