'Basketball Wives' Season 9: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and all you need to know about VH1's reality show

'Basketball Wives' Season 9: Release date, trailer, cast, plot and all you need to know about VH1's reality show
Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, Shaunie O'Neal, Malaysia Pargo and Jackie Christie (VH1)

Prepare yourselves for more off-the-court drama as the wives get set to bring all the drama you need to fill up your office-break silences through the week. Relationship drama will naturally be front and center where we get all the gossip on what has transpired between Season 8 reunion and now. 

Release date

'Basketball Wives' Season 9 will premiere on VH1 on February 9, Tuesday at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings. 


Malaysia, Shaunie and Evelyn (VH1)

This season is a mix of returning cast members including Shaunie O’Neal, Malaysia Pargo, Evelyn Lozada, Jackie Christie, Jennifer Williams, Kristen Scott, Ogom 'OG' Chijindu and Feby Torres. The newcomers include Liza Morales and sisters Nia and Noria Dorsey.




Shaunie, like most of her previous seasons, will lead the pack with her life's issues. Her relocation to Houston will form the crux of her storyline while Malaysia will teach her kids police brutality and what the #BLM movement means in today's time. Jackie is focused on getting the sisters under one hood not knowing the kind of repercussions that would unfold.


Jenifer is healing from a messy breakup and the break with the ladies is helping her reach a mental level where she can form a new attitude and approach life differently. Kristen is invested in the social injustices and seems taken a lot with what has been happening around her. OG is confident the sisterhood will power through any and all adversities, while Feby returns with a new man but will that do any good to the group? Only time will tell.


Liza is past her ex and ready to begin a new chapter, while sisters Nia and Noria are all set to bring their "Memphis energy" to the team. Even though the narratives appear to be interesting, the word on social media is that the showrunners should bring cast members who are married to or dating basketball players who are still active in the NBA circle. Will the network listen to the plea? That's a debate for another time.






The reality show is executive-produced by Truly Original, Shed Media, and VH1, and serving as Executive Producer is Shaunie.


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