'Basketball Wives': What happened to Malaysia Pargo's brother? Fans say she needs therapy to heal from tragedy

Malaysia's tragic past was triggered by the protests following George Floyd's death

                            'Basketball Wives': What happened to Malaysia Pargo's brother? Fans say she needs therapy to heal from tragedy
Malaysia Pargo's felt triggered by the protests following George Floyd's death (Getty Images)

'Basketball Wives' is addressing colorism and George Floyd's death before it can move on to the regular cattiness. The move makes sense given it was shot during a time when the world was grappling with serious social injustices and more. 

Malaysia Pargo seems to be particularly invested in the topic and heartbroken in equal measure. Her brother Dontae Hayes was shot and killed by a cop in 2013. He was just 17 years old at the time and was reaching for a wrenchin his pocket. In their report, the officials claimed that the deceased had a weapon on him, which was challenged by one of his family members, Monsters and Critics reported. 

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She is not healed from the loss and it shows in the way she addresses it. Friend Kristen Scott realizes that maybe she needs to hear the story of someone else who is going through the same kind of hurt. She calls on Monteria Robinson. Her 26-year-old son Jamarion was shot 59 times during a police raid, Al Jazeera reported. 

Monteria says that she often gets reminded of her kid but at the same time his death gives her the strength to fight for justice. None of the cops were charged apparently. Malaysia nods in agreement and admits that she needs to have the talk with her children. Both agree that it's a hard time raising black kids. 




Meanwhile, fans weighed in with their sympathies for the cast member and said that it showed how much she still cared for her brother. Interestingly, one even pointed out that may be Malaysia needed therapy because she did have a chat with her kid and a cop about the same a few seasons ago. 

"Didn’t Malaysia have a scene with Officer Norman about police brutality a few seasons back? She also talked to her son about it too. I say this with no shade, malice, ill will, or judgment, it’s time for Malaysia to seek professional counseling or therapy. #BasketballWives," a user tweeted, while another shared: "I love Malaysia. You could tell how much she loved her brother. #BasketballWives."

"I wonder what happened to the Cops that murdered Malaysia's brother? #BasketballWives," a fan commented. "Oh yea Malaysia’s brother was killed by the police, I know the George Floyd incident had to be a trigger for her to witness history repeating itself Bret again. #BasketballWives," another pointed out. 









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