Tall Barron Trump towering over POTUS sparks memes on being drafted for the NBA: 'What are they feeding him?'

Many wondered if his sudden growth sprout meant he was 'arriving at the NBA Draft' since he looked like a 'young legend'

                            Tall Barron Trump towering over POTUS sparks memes on being drafted for the NBA: 'What are they feeding him?'
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Although Barron Trump being publicly seen with his mother and father for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began was news in itself on Sunday, August 16, when the first family arrived touched down at the White House following a short flight from Bedminster, New Jersey, many social media users were stumped to see a towering figure of the POTUS' youngest son walking beside his parents.

Many of the people could not believe that the teenager had grown so tall in such a short span of time. As he accompanied President Donald Trump and first lady, Melania Trump, he towered over both with his lean stature, making a number of people wonder if the 14-year-old was planning to join a professional basketball team soon. 

"Trump is 6’3 and Barron is touching 6’6 at 14 years old. Does anyone know if he can play ball?" one user said, while a second wrote, "Barron Trump arriving at the NBA Draft." A third commented, "Barron Trump looking like a young legend," and a fourth said, "Barron Trump to join the Detroit Pistons next season to give them the height needed to thrive in the NBA, per sources."






The following are a few other memes and hilarious reactions to Barron's shocking growth spurt: "Why does barron trump look like spongebob at prom"



"I thought Barron was like 8"



"Breaking News: Trump just released a note from Barron’s pediatrician stating that Barron is five foot ten."


"What are they feeding Barron?!"


"My God, if Barron gets any taller he’s not even going to fit in the panic bunker."


"Barron Trump straight up pulled a Sansa Stark season 2 and outgrew his dad Joffrey."


This is not the first time that Barron's height has been a topic of debate for people online. Multiple media outlets have tried to weigh in on the matter, especially because there is no way to know for sure as to how tall the president's son actually is since his height has never been publicly made official. According to Refinery29, for instance, one internet height predictor tool put Barron's height at 6'7". But then, again, there is no way to verify this information. 

As for getting drafted into the NBA, there are no known reports of Barron taking up basketball professionally. Nevertheless, Melania has confirmed in the past that Barron is “all into sports." He was seen in an Arsenal Football Club shirt and has since played for the DC United under-12 and Arlington Soccer Association’s under-14 teams. In 2017, he was pictured by a reporter kicking the ball around on the White House lawn.

Since Melania Trump has been so protective of her son from the time her husband took charge of the Oval Office, the public knew very little about Barron, compared to other children who have grown up in the White House in the past. He has almost never been pictured alone. And even with his mother or father, there are a very few pictures of him pubic available. Also, most of the information available on Trump's youngest son is a mix of facts and rumors.

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