'Barbaren' aka 'Barbarian' Season 1: Fans hate the German Netflix original, call it a 'cringe' production

'Barbaren' aka 'Barbarian' Season 1 has not been well-received by fans. In fact, many seem to hate every bit of it including the historically incorrect representation

                            'Barbaren' aka 'Barbarian' Season 1: Fans hate the German Netflix original, call it a 'cringe' production
Thusnelda (Netflix)

'Barbaren' aka 'Barbarian' Season 1, Netflix's German original has not gone down well with fans who decided to catch the show on the first day of release. The show is not extraordinary and at many places, it does remind one of 'Game of Thrones', however, there is not much promising about the entire show. The one thing that the show has going for itself is the fact that the first season only consists of six episodes. At first glance, it feels like a crash course in history about an important battle that took place in 9 AD between the Romans and the Germanic tribes. However, if you begin researching the real event and the people who pulled the strings to bring about this battle in the first place, you realize that the show is missing many pieces of the puzzle.

German fans have also noticed a good bit of problems, inaccuracy and flaws in the show that they took to Twitter to express the same. One of the tweets by a user indicated that the show cannot be watched in its original version, but in English, it is not too bad. The translated tweet reads, "The German production #Barbaren on Netflix is ​​really good fun. After episode one, I decided to continue looking in English. Can't be presented in the original version."


Another fan spoke of how adding Astrix and Obelix would have not been bad and wrote, "I'm still looking, maybe Asterix and Obelix will appear. It would probably not have worsened by historical standards." Another fan comparing 'Barbaren' to 'Vikings' wrote, "#Barbaren compared to 'Vikings' is similar to 'Alarm for Cobra 11' relative to 'Breaking Bad'." One fan seemed extremely unhappy and shared, "You'd think you can't screw up such an interesting story. But you can."





One user ensured that fans of German shows do know something that was likeable and wrote, "Watch the first episode #Barbarians. The dazzling heroine has a very modern side parting, is called Tussnelda and that's all you need to know about this cringed German production." To this, one fan responded, "Briefly googled. . . Why exactly do such productions always manage to depict ultra-dirty faces, but the clothes are brand new and ironed." There was one fan who then complained about the actors mumbling and said, "What I think is a shame is that the actors sometimes mumble so much that I don't understand them. I'm probably too spoiled by the trained voice actors on other series."




'Barbaren' or 'Barbarian' Season 1 can be streamed in German and English on Netflix. 

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