Where will Barack Obama's 60th birthday bash be held? Mandatory Covid tests for celeb event

The lavish ex-POTUS Barack Obama's 60th birthday party will be hosted at the oceanside Martha's Vineyard property purchased in 2019 by Michelle Obama

                            Where will Barack Obama's 60th birthday bash be held? Mandatory Covid tests for celeb event
Barack Obama speaks during a drive-in campaign rally on October 31, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Former President Barack Obama is turning 60 and his loved ones are leaving no stones unturned in giving him the massive birthday bash he deserves. After paying a whopping $35,800 for his 50th birthday in 2011, the ex-POTUS and wife Michelle Obama are expected to go all the way and more this year, with mandatory Covid tests for all guests attending. With A-listers expected to be in attendance, the venue of the bash surely piques our curiosity, and if insiders are to be believed, the Obamas will be hosting them in a plush property where the couple has been staying for the last few weeks.

Among the many, many celebrities expected to attend Obama's 60th birthday bash are names like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, and George Clooney - all of whom attended his golden jubilee anniversary 10 years ago. The only source of information regarding all the tidbits about the upcoming birthday bash on August 4 is an insider who told The Hill "It's going to be big.” What could be bigger than the almost $40k Chicago party he threw a decade ago that turned into a fundraiser for his re-election campaign, you ask? The venue of the party itself is the answer. 


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Where will Obama's 60th birthday be held?

The couple are going to host their star-studded guest list at their $11.75 million 30-acre oceanside mansion in Martha's Vineyard, insiders have reported. The 7,000-foot home in the Massachusetts island has been a regular vacation spot for the Obamas since Michelle Obama purchased it in 2019 from its previous owner, Wyc Grousbeck. Among the many enviable features of the beachfront property are its seven glorious bedrooms, a swimming pool, outdoor fire pit, and vaulted ceilings with two wings.

The mansion also comes with its own private beach, a boathouse, and plenty of extra land. In 2020, local paper MV Times reported how the former first-family were renovating the place with “the construction of an addition to an existing boathouse/gym, the enlargement of patios, the construction of a firepit, and related landscaping and site improvements.”  Listing agent Tom Wallace also spoke highly of the mansion, calling it "a remarkable home on an absolutely gorgeous setting," with the article further adding: "It certainly has the capacity to expand to more of a compound. One could build two additional full-size properties if one wanted to create a generational meeting place."

U.S. President Barack Obama greets supporters during a fundraiser at the Aragon Ballroom on August 3, 2011 in Chicago, Illinois. The fundraiser, billed as a birthday celebration for the President who turns 50 years old tomorrow, featured entertainment by Herbie Hancock, Jennifer Hudson and others (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Who is attending? 

The Obamas, who have always hosted elaborate parties filled with grandeur, are also known for the elite friends they have acquired over the years. Based on their previous parties, it is expected that Winfrey, Hanks and Clooney won't be the only big names at the event.

Musicians Jay-Z and Stevie Wonder, popular comedian Chris Rock, and basketball legends Charles Barkley and Grant Hill have previously attended the couple's parties at the White House. Famous politicians and the former presidents Chicago law school friends were in attendance too, and are expected to show up this time again.