Bar owner who hosted Don Trump Jr and now in ICU with Covid-19 wants to 'punch' POTUS for downplaying virus

Bar owner who hosted Don Trump Jr and now in ICU with Covid-19 wants to 'punch' POTUS for downplaying virus
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A Wisconsin bar owner who hosted President Donald Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., at his establishment last year has expressed his frustration with the current administration as he fights COVID-19 in ICU. “I don’t worry much about me, but I got a 10-year-old son and my fiancée — that’s all I care about,” Mark Schultz, 64, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel during a phone interview. “My family is all at home. They are all worried about me. I don’t want them to worry about me… I don’t want them to go through this. I hope I get to go home.”

His bar Oblio's was once a place free of politics, but that has changed ever since the March 2019 event. “I just want to punch him,” Schultz said of Trump. “I always had to keep my politics to myself, but from where I’m sitting now? Those days are over. I shouldn’t be here.”

According to Schultz, Trump should have been "more upfront" about the dangers of the deadly virus from the beginning. The business owner recalled feeling sick the same day the president checked into Walter Reed Medical Center, but Trump's apparent "non-chalantness" didn't sit well with Schultz. “I’m just frustrated with the president — the non-chalantness of this virus,” he said. “They should be afraid. It’s nothing to mess with… I just can’t sleep. If you can’t breathe, you can’t sleep.”

Schultz hosted an event last March for Axios co-founder Jim VandeHei at his establishment for a taped interview with Don Jr. However, he stayed in the back. "I wouldn't have done it for anyone else," he said of VandeHei. "I don't like playing politics."

Schultz supports Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' mask mandate, but doesn't agree with his order requiring restaurants and bars to limit customers to 25% of their capacity. "These people do not have a concept of running a business," he said, noting that business at both his bar and restaurant is down 60%. "It’s unbelievably hard right now...You're trying to keep people employed and now I got two places that are closed. These people are out of work right now. They’ve got families."

At the same time, Schultz also wants people to abide by safety guidelines put forth by public health experts. "You've got to follow their guidelines," he said. "People have to feel comfortable going out. I don’t blame anybody for not going out. I kind of commend it — it’s being safe."

Earlier this month, Trump implied that he may have been infected with coronavirus during a Gold Star Families event honoring fallen US soldiers, which had been held on September 27, a day after the Rose Garden ceremony. The Rose Garden ceremony saw Amy Coney Barrett being officially nominated to the Supreme Court. The event is believed to be ground zero for the spike in Covid-19 cases surrounding the White House. Trump suggested that his infection could have come from families of survivors who had got too close. The president had hosted the Gold Star event at the White House on September 27 to honor 20 deceased service members as well as dozens of families. Trump and his wife Melania had first tested positive for the virus on October 1. 

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