Texas GOP candidate says coronavirus will save more lives than it claims as abortion centers are closed

In contrast, gun stores in Texas, however, have been allowed to remain open

                            Texas GOP candidate says coronavirus will save more lives than it claims as abortion centers are closed
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Texas Republican congressional candidate Kathaleen Wall thanked Governor Greg Abbott for signing an executive order that branded abortions 'medically unnecessary'. Wall claimed that coronavirus could actually save more lives than it will take. Wall, who recently advanced from the 22nd Congressional District Republican primary, shared many articles online that talk about coronavirus and pregnancy.

Wall's comments on March 24 in a Facebook post resulted in a lot of controversy and arguments between pro-choice and anti-abortion residents. She further thanked Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for directing all licensed healthcare facilities "including abortion providers" to immediately stop any procedures or appointments. 

The two conservative lawmakers called for the total halt of "all medically unnecessary surgeries and procedures." They shared that this was done with the aim of freeing up as many beds for coronavirus patients. This resulted in a lawsuit from Planned Parenthood and also drew a lot of criticism as Paxton has allowed gun stores to stay open. 

Gun stores in Texas have been allowed to remain open while abortion centers have been ordered shut (Getty Images)

Wall took to Facebook to share, "Thanks to the leadership of Office of Governor Greg Abbott and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, #COVID19 will save more lives this week than it takes! #ProLife." She also linked to an article that said that "many unborn lives will be saved as a result" of closing abortion facilities. 

While speaking to Newsweek, Wall echoed the same sentiments and said, "While the coronavirus spread and resulting deaths are a grave concern for the people of this Country and Texas, the fact is that last week in Texas 700 lives were saved because the Governor stopped abortions. I think that is good news during these difficult times."

Attorney General Paxton's recent warning to healthcare providers read, "We must work together as Texans to stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that our health care professionals and facilities have all the resources they need to fight the virus at this time. No one is exempt from the governor's executive order on medically unnecessary surgeries and procedures, including abortion providers. Those who violate the governor's order will be met with the full force of the law."

A Democratic candidate, Sri Preston Kulkarni, shared that Texas already has the country's highest maternal mortality rate and many illegal abortion centers. "If you take away reproductive health access, you actually cause women to die," Kulkarni said in response to Wall's comments. 

"Taking away that access is actually going to kill women and if COVID-19 lasts much longer, women are going to have to make that very personal decision outside both the legal and health-safety windows of time," he added. 

Wall later took to social media to direct a post at pregnant women who were "worried about the effects of coronavirus." The post read, "You and your baby BOTH deserve to LIVE! #ChooseHope." She also shared details of a "Women for Trump" live event and added that there are many physicians and gynecologists who support the Texas government's decision to stop all abortion procedures and close all abortion facilities across the state. 

So far around 2,052 cases have been disclosed with the number of positive cases expected to increase exponentially, The Texas Tribune reports.

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