Jameria Hall: Mom's neighbors heard kids yell 'mommy, no' days before their deaths

Jameria Hall: Mom's neighbors heard kids yell 'mommy, no' days before their deaths
Jameria Hall, 28, allegedly confessed to killing her children (Baltimore police)

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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND: A 28-year-old mother, Jameria Hall was charged with brutally murdering her two children, aged 6 and 8 after their decomposing bodies were discovered. Reportedly, the bodies were discovered just days after neighbors reported hearing one of Hall's kids screaming, "Mommy, no". Hall was arrested on Wednesday, August 25, after police were called to investigate a foul odor coming from the family’s apartment on Tuesday, Aug 24.

. The decomposing bodies of Hall's kids, 6-year-old Da’Neria Thomas and 8-year-old Davin Thomas were found inside the apartment. A similar incident was reported when a California surfing school owner Matthew Taylor Coleman, 40, was arrested for stabbing his two young kids to death with a spearfishing gun in Mexico on Monday, August 9. A Las Vegas mother, Jovan Trevino, 33, was charged for allegedly killing her own children in July.


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According to charging documents, Hall's little girl, Da’Neria, had been drowned and strangled and her body was found dumped in a bathtub with clothing wrapped around her neck. According to police, 8-year-old Davin was found in a sleeping bag with a large knife still stuck in his chest and a trash bag around his head. It is not clear at the moment for how long the children had been dead, however, a neighbor claimed they saw Hall with her children last Thursday, August 19. Police also noted that the neighbor heard the little girl scream "Mommy, no" from inside the apartment that same night.

One resident told 11 News he was surprised when he Hall throwing out large things from the children's bedroom. "She was throwing their stuff, their beds, right there. She was throwing their beds outside all week," the man said. The charging documents said that Hall allegedly told her mother during the week that the children’s father had taken them. The father, however, told investigators that he hadn’t seen them. He told investigators he last saw Hall on Tuesday afternoon, walking in the area of North Avenue and Bloomingdale Road, screaming and cursing at no one. He told police she appeared to be under the influence.

Hall wasn’t home when the children's bodies were discovered by the police. Hall allegedly confessed to killing her children after police tracked her down in an Uber nearby on Wednesday, August 25. This news came as a surprise to Chantelle Carnochan, Hall's former classmate who said Hall seemed OK the last time they chatted. "She was all about her kids -- that was her first and top priority," Carnochan said. "She always posted her kids. It was always about her kids. She always made comments to do better for them, so I can't even put into ... I just can't make it make sense to me."

Hall has been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault and reckless endangerment of the children. 

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