Who is Jovan Trevino? Las Vegas mom kills daughter, 1, and 4-year-old son by drowning them

Jovan Trevino allegedly told docs she killed her kids, Gihanna Fox, 1, and Christopher Fox III, 4, in the bath as their home in Henderson, Nevada

                            Who is Jovan Trevino? Las Vegas mom kills daughter, 1, and 4-year-old son by drowning them
in the bath' (Henderson Police Department)

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA: Jovan Trevino, 33, is facing two murder charges for allegedly killing her own children. According to reports, Trevino checked herself into a hospital and allegedly confessed to the staff that she 'drowned her children during bath at her home'. She was arrested on Monday night, July 19, at the Western Arizona Regional Medical Center.

Trevino allegedly told doctors that she killed her kids, Gihanna Fox, 1, and Christopher Fox III, 4, in separate bathtubs of their home in Henderson, Nevada, before she drove the 90 miles to the hospital, at the Arizona state border. She was booked into the Mojave County Jail and charged with two counts of murder and will be extradited back to Nevada for a court date. A similar incident was reported last month when Sandra Chico, 28, was arrested on suspicion of murder in the deaths of her three biological kids.Lori Vallow, Idaho 'cult mom' found 'mentally unfit' before trial for killing her children. In July, Sheila Marie Riggie, a drunk Oklahoma mom was arrested for biting, choking and trying to stab her children


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The children's father and Trevino's ex-fiance Christopher Fox called the Henderson police, asking them to 'investigate a medical emergency' at Trevino's home. According to Trevino's arrest warrant, she had a temporary order filed against Fox so he didn't go into the home the night of the incident. When officers reached the house, they found the two children 'beyond assistance' and both were declared dead at the scene. Police issued a statement calling the children's deaths 'suspicious' at the moment.

According to the arrest warrant, Trevino mentioned that she took a heavy dose of Allerga before drinking Theraflu, three beers and a shot of tequila. She then drew a bath for her son Christopher. According to the statement in the warrant, "Jovan tricked Christopher into playing on his stomach in the bathtub by giving him a pair of glasses and using them to see better underwater." Trevino then allegedly held the boy under the water, using one of her legs. She told the police that it took three to four minutes before she realized her son was dead. According to police, Trevino then went into another bathroom and killed her daughter Gihanna by holding her underwater. Trevino was arrested at the hospital by Arizona police.

During a search of her home, police found a suicide note on Trevino's phone that allegedly said she could not "walk-off this earth and leave my precious children behind". Police also found a large, bloody kitchen knife and towel in the master bedroom of the house. During the police questioning, Trevino admitted to having written the suicide note and trying to kill herself multiple times after killing her children. According to reports by KNTV, Trevino tried to cut her wrist and throat with the knife, but didn't go through with it. She then continued drinking and left home 'believing that she could park and overheat in the car causing her death or possibly drive head-on into another vehicle causing a collision that would kill her'. 

The Clark County coroner's office had not determined the official cause and manner of death of the children as of Wednesday, July 21. According to reports, Trevino had filed a court order asking for full custody of the children and mentioned a history of domestic violence against Fox. According to district court documents, Fox had three charges of violating the protective orders, with the last recorded on October 4, 2020, to which he pleaded guilty and is scheduled for sentencing on September 21.

The children's father, Christopher Fox has set up a GoFundMe memorial page that has garnered $18,149 of its $7,500 goal as of Thursday, July 22.