Inside 'Bachelor in Paradise' rose ceremony and Tia and Kenny's saucy date

'Bachelor in Paradise' is one part romance with a whole lot of drama!

                            Inside 'Bachelor in Paradise' rose ceremony and Tia and Kenny's saucy date
Tia and Kenny as seen on 'Bachelor in Paradise' (ABC)

For those looking for love, 'Bachelor in Paradise' might not be the romantic haven it promised to be. However, with the rose ceremony here, the ladies now have the power to pick the guys. And while some couples are convinced that they were going rather strong, new additions to the cast have definitely shaken this up. With Riley, Chris and Chasen from Season 16 of 'The Bachelorette showing up, there has been a tip in the scales with men outnumbering the women.

For particular couples, their so-called bonds were not as strong as they thought it was. The addition of Riley resulted in Connor and Maurissa breaking up as the couple went on a date and were even the first to hit up the Boom Boom Room and get intimate. Next, Chris and Chasen took Jessenia and Deandra on dates, resulting in Jessenia calling it off with Ivan, seeing that she felt a better spark and chemistry with Chris. And then was the ultimate drama between Tammy, Aaron and Thomas


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Tammy and Aaron hit it off right at the start of the season and seemed like a sure thing. However, the addition of Thomas caused a stir among Katie Thurston's men on the show, seeing that none of them wanted him there. While Thomas tried his luck with the ladies, he seemed to have caught Tammy's eye. The two ended up making out, which lead to a massive fight between Thomas and Aaron.

And with Kenny announcing that he'd ended things with Mari right before the rose ceremony, there was a lot of brewing tension. With the ladies picking the guys, the rose ceremony went as follows -- Natasha picked Brendan. Maurissa gave her rose to Riley. Serena handed her rose over to Joe. Abigail gave her rose to Noah. Jessenia picked Chris (over Ivan) and Tammy picked Thomas, leaving Aaron out to dry. Demi went with Kenny while Mari picked James. Deandra surprised everyone when she picked Ivan over Karl and Chasen.

With four men remaining, the addition of Becca Kufrin tipped the scales, giving one of them the chance to stay on. Becca, who came just before the rose ceremony, decided to give her rose to Aaron to get to know him better. But, as always, it isn't paradise with more twists as Tia Booth of Season 22 of 'The Bachelor' made her way to the show. With her eyes on Kenny, she even took him out on a date, much to Demi's annoyance.

But, fans couldn't help but point out the irony of the situation, seeing that Tia did to her exactly what she did to Mari. "Demi has such Angelica Pickles energy #BachelorInParadise" joked a fan. "Demi thinking that sleeping with a guy for his birthday will stop him from dating other women #BachelorInParadise" added another. "Aw Demi, is your feelings hurt that Tia taking Kenny like you did the exact same thing to Mari. I mean all is fair in love and war right. #BachelorInParadise" pointed out a fan. "When Demi finds out this was the date #BachelorInParadise" joked a user, seeing that Kenny and Tia played a game of nude volleyball on their date. 








What do you think? Will Kenny dump Demi for Tia? Or does he still have feelings for Mari? Sound off in the comments below! 

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