Christmas with Baby Yoda: Fans celebrate the holiday with themed goodies, memes, and much more

Christmas with Baby Yoda: Fans celebrate the holiday with themed goodies, memes, and much more
Mandalorian's Baby Yoda. (IMDb)

Christmas is all about feeling warm, cozy, fuzzy, sweet, and loving. And what could make you feel all of that is the most adorable alien baby in the universe. Yes, we are talking about none other than Baby Yoda who has stolen our hearts from the day we took a peek into its crib. Hail Jon Favreau for bringing us Christmas early this year and giving us the sweetest, cutest gift ever!

But it’s not just us who are going all gaga about this little 50-year-old baby. Fans have been pouring all their love and affection out for weeks. But this Christmas Day, their emotions just went a few (read hundred) notches over and above.

From creating holiday-themed memes, to making Baby Yoda shaped cookies, marzipans, and much more, the ‘child’ has become an integral part of this year’s holiday celebrations.

Here’s a Christmas meme from @NerdKungFu who posts, “Happy Holidays, all! ❤#BabyYoda.”

@SarahFoord1goes a step beyond and paints a very Christmassy picture of Baby Yoda in her Instagram: "Merry Christmas! Stay safe, everyone, ID: Baby Yoda, in a santa hat, is holding a steaming cup of hot chocolate. He is surrounded by snow & out of focus red baubles. #Christmas #BabyYoda."


@Carley rewrote a Christmas carol to include the adorable alien baby, “#bayoda #BabyYoda #christmas #merryyoda #yoda.”

Here’s a post from @Cunning_Jhn who recreated a scene with Mandalorian and Baby Yoda in a holiday background. His Tweet reads, “Happy Life Day! #LifeDay #MerryChrismas #HappyHolidays #TheMandalorian #StarWars #BabyYoda.”

@BevOlfert took it to another level and made holiday cookies in Baby Yoda shape. Here’s her post, “Decorated sugar cookies today #christmaseve #sugarcookies #BabyYoda #jumpedonthatbandwagon.”

So does @K_Rettke, “But also I have to share these #BabyYoda cookies my sister made bc they are the best thing I have ever laid eyes on, ever. He’s even holding his soup”
@Akiora’s family thought of making a ‘drink’ shaped like the alien baby. “My mom decided to invent Baby Yoda margaritas. This is not what I expected. And it's amazing.” And we couldn’t agree more.


But not all fans are having ‘fun’ per se. People like @anxiouspanda124 are still upset about the way the last episode ended with Baby Yoda being yanked off by the storm troopers. She Tweets, “Christmas is cancelled until I know if Baby Yoda is okay, and if Quill survived. #mandolorian #BabyYoda.”

Who would have thought that Christmas could be so much fun with an absolutely unexpected character to be the theme of the season!


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