'She's overweight, with that dirty looking man': Azealia Banks drags Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga in rant

'She's overweight, with that dirty looking man': Azealia Banks drags Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga in rant
Azealia Banks (C) slams Nicki Minaj (top-right) by calling Cardi B's (bottom-right) kid cuter than hers and claims Lady Gaga (bottom-left) has no respect for black women (Getty Images)

Azealia Banks, who is known for trolling other celebrities and rappers, took shots at her archenemy Nicki Minaj calling her "overweight." The latest jab comes just a day after Banks accused Lady Gaga of 'urging' her to fight with Minaj. Banks also slammed Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty and even compared her Minaj's son to Cardi B's daughter!

"She's still overweight, with that dirty looking man, and Cardi's kids are cuter. Nicki better drop to an 0-2 and come back swinging at these pop h*es like she KNOWS how to do! Get the Oshkosh deal re-brand!" Banks tweeted on Tuesday, May 10,

In a separate tweet, Banks elaborated more, saying, "I meannnnnnn ….. Cardi does win the family photo contest. Nicki's kid is cute but the blue ivy/north west/kulture celeb kid obsession isn't kicking in." Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty was also bashed by Banks, who claimed, "And it's because we're not into the Dad, like at all. We just want her, and her only. A size 2 pretentious KONTY mean-girl."


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Conversely, Banks had just a day before implied that she would not pick a fight with Minaj merely because Lady GaGa encouraged her to. She wrote in response to fans' suggestions that she collaborate with the Mother Monster, "No. That woman has zero respect for Black women."

After that, the 30-year-old went on an online rant against the pop artist. Banks claimed, "I cannot ever respect her for literally asking me to beef with Nicki Minaj on her behalf. I refuse and send a less incendiary song, insinuates that we're gonna spill nicki's *human blood* (f***ing eye roll)."


"Then she openly Mocks a late-Aaliyah's traumatic, and short lived life marred by sexual Abuse by once again uncontrollably oozing racism for not getting her way, and seemingly doing that r.Kelly collab out of spite," Banks stated.

Banks continued, implying that GaGa had grudges towards the Trinidadian rapper. "Like her deep deep jealousy and hatred for Nicki Minaj and the sneaky s*** she was saying and trying to do behind the scenes was just gross," she wrote. "If I want to beef or pop s*** about Nicki I will do so on my own accord. I will never do a white womans bidding for her. TUH."


Many Twitter users weighed in on Banks' decision to target Nicki Minaj after insulting Lady Gaga. One person wrote, "Yesterday the barbz defended her believing anything she said against gaga, now i hope y’all realized that the only bitter hater among the 3 is azealia and not nicki or gaga."


Another person criticizing Banks wrote: "Azealia Banks is just mad Gaga scrapped the collabs with her cause she has a awful attitude it has nothing to do with Nicki she just wants attention."


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