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'I need this': Azealia Banks begs Elon Musk not to ban her re-launched Twitter account

The rapper also slammed Twitter’s ex-CEO Jack Dorsey during whose tenure her account was deleted
Azealia Banks is happy that Elon Musk bought Twitter (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images and Photo by Britta Pedersen-Pool/Getty Images)
Azealia Banks is happy that Elon Musk bought Twitter (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images and Photo by Britta Pedersen-Pool/Getty Images)

Azealia Banks has expressed her happiness on returning to Twitter after being banned earlier. The rapper thanked Elon Musk, who acquired the social media platform for $44 billion, after she made her new account on the microblogging and social networking service. She also begged the Tesla boss to not delete her account again.

Taking to her Instagram Story, the 30-year-old reportedly wrote: “I actually *have* to thank Elon for buying twitter, I actually got back on.” She also said, “The amount of money I lost by being banned from twitter and not having access to the fan/consumer base I worked SO HARD TO BUILD SERIOUSLY MADE EVERYTHING SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT.”


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Azealia Banks performs during 2013 Governors Ball Music Festival at Randall's Island on June 8, 2013, in New York City. (Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images)

Besides, Banks shared multiple posts about her relaunch on Twitter. One post included a screenshot of her Twitter page with a caption that read: “Oh girlssssssssss lmao we are in this b***h.” Another post was for Musk as she said: “PLEASE DONT F**K THIS UP FOR ME. You already f****d me out of $5,000 worth of doge on SNL. But I NEED THIS TO RELEASE FANTASEA TWO. I am begging you… no more provoking the SEC, no more playing on your investors’ time, PLEASE LEAVE BILL GATES ALONE BEFORE HE OPENS A JAR OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED MOSQUITOES ON YA ASS.”


The ‘Anna Wintour’ singer asked the 50-year-old entrepreneur to not “challenge Putin to a fist fight on twitter. The wrong DA could just bring state charges on you whether or not Putin decided to sue the socks off your feet for threatening him. And he’d win too! A stupid tweet to one of the most ruthless men in the world could have literally cost your entire fortune. You cannot be publicly threatening world leaders!!!!!!!! Twitter is now 'Think of us millennials', the peasantry of being an artist today and inflation — we are paying $59+ for smoothies and avocado toast trying to avoid health complications in old age because healthcare here is shitty and too expensive ! and ALOT of Millennials cannot afford that extra $500 a month.” She added: “This is a HUGE ROAD OPENER FOR ME! I CAN NOW CONFIDENTLY BEGIN PLANNING MY ALBUM ROLLOUT. Holy shit.”


Banks then went on to slam Twitter's ex-CEO Jack Dorsey in a post, sharing a pic of a CNBC article, the headline of which said, “Jack Dorsey says Elon Musk is the ‘singular solution I trust’ to run Twitter.” She stated: “Can we ask Jack Dorsey or twitter Inc. how much revenue they recieved from circulating that George Floyd video via new subscriptions/data stats etc?? Can we also know how much of that money they gave to Floyd’s family. I hope you all know that Black Lives Matter has been hijacked by big tech and everytime you donate, the money goes to this behind the scences coalition called ACT BLUE which basically lines DNC politician with money for campaigning etc. never donated a single or substantial dollar to any black people,smh.”

Azealia Banks performs for fans during Splendour in the Grass on July 25, 2015, in Byron Bay, Australia. (Photo by Cassandra Hannagan/Getty Images)


Tesla CEO Elon Musk speaks during the official opening of the new Tesla electric car manufacturing plant on March 22, 2022, near Gruenheide, Germany. The new plant, officially called the Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, is producing the Model Y as well as electric car batteries. (Photo by Christian Marquardt - Pool/Getty Images)

Banks has had a problematic relationship with Twitter. In 2016, she was suspended from it after reportedly sharing a series of racially motivated tweets at Zayn Malik. Then in 2018, her account was deactivated after she attacked RuPaul and ‘RuPaul's Drag Race’, and also condemned Monét X Change. And in 2020, her account was nuked after she posted transphobic tweets. At the time, Banks had reportedly said, “Cancel all these dumbass luxury transgender healthcare ‘rights’ and redirect the castration funds to the Latino farmers working to actually feed any of us through this crisis. They deserve access to the Trump COVID treatments more than any of you a—holes *need* to chop your cocks off and get breast implants and hormones. This is bulls—t.”