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Ayesha Curry's sexy bikini photo raises a storm, internet says she's fishing for compliments from strange men

People slammed her racy photos by bringing up her tweet from 2015 where she had stated that she doesn't understand why people don't wear clothes anymore
Ayesha Curry (Getty Images)
Ayesha Curry (Getty Images)

American-Canadian actress Ayesha Curry's fans are calling her out for trying to fish for other men's attention after she posted a new bikini photograph. The photo in question had the actress dressed down in a grey bikini, looking sultrily at the camera while she holds up her hair with both hands. "Took me long enough," read her caption which we guess is referring to the long time since she posted a bikini photo. A look at her feed on Instagram would solidify our claims as it is full of pictures of her three children — Riley, Ryan and Canon. Curry has been married to star NBA player Stephen Curry since 2011. 

Her photos have drawn a lot of praise from people on Instagram who are complimenting her on the amount of work she has put in to look this great. "Dang girl! That body gave birth to three kids?!?!?!," read a comment while another inspired user wrote, "STOOOOOOOOP!!! Is this what quarantine did to you???? I’m just gonna put down this bread and go for a hike real quick brb."

However, people on Twitter are going after her and calling out her hypocrisy for posting a bikini photo. In 2015, she had tweeted, "Everyone's into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters." She followed that up with, "Just looking at the latest fashion trends. I'll take classy over trendy any day of the week. #saturdaynightinsight." She had received a lot of backlash back then for the comments. Also, last year, she was in trouble on Twitter for her comments on Jada Pinkett's talk show 'Red Table Talk' where she had mentioned that while women throw themselves at her husband, she attracts zero male attention. After Curry posted those photos, Twitter went abuzz with a lot of hate comments and a lot of them referred to all her past tweets and statements. 

"Ayesha Curry posting them pics to get that attention from OTHER MEN she so desperately craved before. And some of you women justified her thoughts, I ain’t forget," read a tweet. While there was another tweet that said, "That's why I said that. @ayeshacurry is a hypocrite! Ayesha Curry needs to apologize to these hoes! #AyeshaCurry A married woman trying to get compliments from strange men. #Ayesha The only thing Ayesha did by posting that, was, increase my lotion bill!" While another tweet read, "Ayesha curry has worked on yourself so now she can finally get more attention from men." Another said, "Why Ayesha Curry posting these pics... thirsting for OTHER MEN'S attention again... when 99% of the women in this world would kill to be in your shoes?" 

However, there were a few that came to defend the actress while tweeting, "Y’all took what Ayesha Curry said in 2015 and made it what it’s not because she struck a nerve in y’all. The picture she posted wasn’t for attention from other men... but to show off her weight loss, you imbeciles." While another tweet read, "Dudes really be out here thinking SO highly of themselves that they think AYESHA CURRY is posting a photo for THEIR ATTENTION. I promise, she got the best of the best when it comes to men, she is not worried about y’all."