Avengers update: Sebastian Stan claims he was almost not Bucky, and a possible title leak

Sebastian Stan says he feels blessed to not be Captain America; also what is the title of the upcoming Avengers movie going to be?

                            Avengers update: Sebastian Stan claims he was almost not Bucky, and a possible title leak
Sebastian Stan (Source : Getty Images)

Picture this: Sebastian Stan as Steve Rogers-slash-Captain America. Something doesn't quite seem to fit right, does it? Well, luckily, that's what Marvel thought too when Stan had initially auditioned for the role of the Captain. It's quite hard to imagine him as anybody except the brooding yet vulnerable Bucky, but as it turns out, he had his on-screen bff's character in mind.

In an interview with CNBC’s Make It, Stan revealed that when he had initially gone for the role of Captain America, he was told he “wasn’t right for the part.” And fans will agree, no matter how great an actor Stan is, he isn't quite Steve Rogers. He's been Bucky since 2011 and Chris Evans has been the Captain since the same time which is probably why it seems almost sacrilegious to imagine their characters swapped. And now, Stan thinks quite along the same lines too.

As he explains in the interview, Marvel not considering him Captain enough wasn't the only reason why it didn't work out. He himself describes Bucky as a “much better role.” He believes it offers him a much better range within the MCU and opposed to Captain's single movie, Bucky has a whopping five of them in the pipeline. So look who things finally turned out to be a blessing for!

But Stan still assured that the initial rejection was every bit as hard, despite him scoring the role of Bucky. He however considers rejections as a part of being an actor.

His key tips includes: “Try not to take things personally, learn how to face rejection, no matter what you do, stay obsessed with it."

However, that isn't the only big news for Marvel fans; remember the leaked Avengers 4 concept art (above) that seems quite plausible? Well, according to Marvel Comic Editor in Chief, Jeremy Conrad, the art was made for the CineEurope convention in Spain. And if that doesn't seem like a legitimate enough official confirmation, Conrad also told Express: "If people freaked out over that Avengers 4 art, there’s something else that MAY be coming within the next 10 days that will cause even bigger meltdowns.”

So what is it going to be? It's absurd how the movie is less than a year away, yet people are still speculating over the title. Here's a spoiler though: Marvel Boss Kevin Feige says we shouldn't be treating it like a giant reveal even though it's almost a spoiler for Avengers: Infinity War!