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'Atypical' Season 4: Sam is ready for a new adventure and Casey is up for a challenge, when will Netflix give us new episodes?

All in all, to miss Season 3 of 'Atypical' is to miss one of the best television experiences of the year

So, you're done bingeing on Season 3 of 'Atypical' and wondering why you have to stay in a limbo of uncertainty for potentially months on end before Netflix announces that it has greenlit the series and another couple of months before it actually drops said episodes. Well, get on the boat pal, because we are going towards the same destination. 

Season 3, which dropped on Netflix on Friday, November 1, was arguably the best season of 'Atypical' because it not only managed to incorporate many topics and issues of relevance, but it also did justice to those storylines. In the show, we saw a married couple choosing to stay married over being mad at each other, a teenager struggling with her sexuality and choosing her truth over staying in the closet, a young man taking a chance on love and learn an important lesson about not changing himself for anyone else, a college-goer learning that it is okay to quit when things aren't right, and a man in the spectrum take on personal, educational and professional challenges and tackle them at his own pace and in his own way. 

All in all, to miss Season 3 of 'Atypical' is to miss one of the best television experiences of the year. At the end of the brilliant, heartwarming season, we see Sam (Keir Gilchrist) making a courageous decision to move out of his home. This is certainly not going to go down well with Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), who is still learning how to back off. However, this is certainly a challenge we want to see Sam tackle, much like Casey's (Brigette Lundy-Paine) promised storyline. 


She is planning to take on one of the biggest challenges in her life by training to get into the Yale track team. Thankfully she has a lot of people believing in her, especially her coach, who unfortunately also seems to think that the best way to focus is to not have a personal life — a personal life involving a relationship. That actually sucks, because we were just getting a glimpse of her lovely relationship with Izzie (Fivel Stewart). They are bound to have their own ups and downs, not just typical to a teenage love story, but also specific to a lesbian female love story. 

We sure hope Netflix doesn't take its time with greenlighting Season 4, because clearly there is so much more story to tell and the wait is already painful.