'Atypical' Season 3: Doug and Elsa's realistic love story of middle-aged parents has our stomach in knots

'Atypical' Season 3: Doug and Elsa's realistic love story of middle-aged parents has our stomach in knots

Netflix recently announced that one of its most popular shows, 'Atypical', is coming back with a third season on Friday, November 1. There were many stories begging to be explored in Season 2 finale, specifically involving the three couples on the show. While the two younger couples have a promising future, what is to come for Doug (Michael Rapaport) and Elsa (Jennifer Jason Leigh) doesn't seem very optimistic. 

As we have seen over the last two seasons, the relationship between the parents on the show is pretty complicated. Elsa, who felt neglected and walked all over at her home, slept with a younger man, which her teenage daughter found out about. Their already tense relationship got further ruptured, but not as much as Elsa's relationship with Doug. 

Doug, who was unable to stand his wife after what she had done, asked her to leave the house, which she did. However, with patience and perseverance, she found her way back. During this time apart, we also got to see that Doug was not always the amazing father that we know him to be - he had even left his family for a while. However, Elsa's betrayal is seen as more impactful, and she continued to struggle with bonding with her family. 


By the season finale, everything had seemed normal, they were back on track to become a couple again - slowly, but surely. However, it seems like Doug was not ready to forgive and forget, and we saw him visiting his "friend" - a single mom to one of the students at Sam's (Keir Gilchrist) school. It may very well be a false lead, but we cannot help but wonder if Doug will act upon his instinct and throw away a potential future together with his wife. 

The way we see it, there are two ways for this story to go down, neither of which will involve rainbows or unicorns. Since we can count on 'Atypical' to be realistic, we expect Doug and Elsa to go for couples' therapy and make a conscious decision to stay together and work on it. If not, we will see them parting ways soon enough, especially since both their children are grown up and can probably handle their parents being divorced. 

Don't forget to watch Season 3 of 'Atypical' on Friday, November 1, to find out how Doug and Elsa's story continues. 

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