Atypical season 3: Casey and Izzie's relationship needs to be protected at all costs

Atypical season 3: Casey and Izzie's relationship needs to be protected at all costs

‘Atypical’ is not your typical teenage show. From the very premise, the Netflix show establishes that it is not going to adhere to your typical teenage problems. It tells of the story of 18-year-old Sam Gardner, who is in the autism spectrum, and how he navigates his life, while the people around him – closest to him, live their lives without imposing themselves on him.

One of the most imposing characters in Sam’s life is his over-protective younger sister Casey (Brigette Lundy-Paine), who also happens to be a great athlete. In the previous season, we saw that Casey, who has always known who she is and what she wants, gets challenged on multiple occasions, especially after she makes friends with a girl in her new school, Izzie (Fivel Stewart).

The enemies-turned-friends learn that they have a lot in common, and start spending a lot of time with each other and come to the realization that they are definitely more than just friends. After all, they admitted that they were each other's most favorite people in the world.


Izzie and Casey who started off as enemies have slowly developed feelings for each other and it has been a treat to watch (Beth Dubber/Netflix)

Over the course of the last season, we saw them going from enemies to tentative friends, to best friends and then, potential girlfriends. They shared a couple of tender moments towards the end of the season, and honestly, there is probably no tv couple as cute as them right now.

As one fan of the show points out, “Their whole relationship buildup in season 2 felt like i was reading a fanfic... my stomach full of butterflies 😫 [sic]” While another opines, “Literally just finished the show a day ago! And obsessed with casey and Izzie! I can't get enough! I want them to kiss already! Damn it! Just kiss u guys! The last scene in the car and the one on the bed low key turned me on, and made my heart pound! Bring on Cazzie! I want them to kiss, damn it! Damn it! Kiss already! Season 3 I can't wait any longer! U better bring Cazzie! U better! Or else I think I'm out. Please Netflix, please! [sic]”


The fact that their feelings are not rushed makes it all the more appealing, but that patience is not going to last too long. So, the writers better have worked out their relationship for season 3.

As isla r. points out on YouTube, “that last scene between them had me literally holding my breath .... cazzie has to happen in season 3 !!!! [sic]”. 

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 Atypical season 3 Casey and Izzie relationship needs to be protected at all costs