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Astrologer warns upcoming SUPER BLOOD MOON could cause 'disruptions' in people's lives AND finances

Astrologer Yasmin Boland asserted that in the days following the event, people might experience some 'sudden shifts' and 'disruptions' in their lives
A picture of a total lunar eclipse which is also kniwn as a 'super blood moon' (Phil Walter/Getty Images)
A picture of a total lunar eclipse which is also kniwn as a 'super blood moon' (Phil Walter/Getty Images)

The upcoming total lunar eclipse is scheduled to occur on the morning of November 8. The super blood moon is said to bring "chaos, disruption, and change" in people's lives, according to astrologer Yasmin Boland. This cosmic occurrence takes place when the sun, moon, and Earth align together perfectly. The moon appears bright red in the sky as the Earth prevents the majority of the sun's rays from reaching the lunar surface. In a total lunar eclipse, the entire moon falls within the umbra – the darkest part of the Earth's shadow.⁣

The lunar eclipse on Tuesday will be the final one until 2025, and astrologer, Boland warned that it could be detrimental to people's everyday lives as well as their financial stabilities. Boland issued a series of alerts regarding the lunar eclipse's impacts, explaining how Uranus, the planet of "radical change and sudden turnarounds," could cause particularly powerful effects due to its close proximity to the eclipse. She asserted that in the days following the cosmological event, people might experience some "sudden shifts" and "disruptions" in their life. 


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"Chaos, disruption, and change are three of the keywords for this potentially electrifying eclipse because it’s taking place near the planet of radical change and sudden turnarounds, Uranus," Boland told Daily Mail. "In fact, at the time of the eclipse, the Moon and Uranus will be what astrologers call partile. That means they are on the exact same degree of the zodiac. In other words, they are both strongly implicated in this eclipse so craziness is possible. Hang on to your hats, sudden changes are possible now."

While the eclipse's "chaos" is indeed terrifying, the astrologer claimed that it could also present a great opportunity to "leave the past behind" and conclude a "chapter" in your life that "you know you are done with". She continued, "As far as I'm concerned, eclipses are not something to run from, they're something to work with. You can think of them as a time when a portal to a new life opens up."

The eclipse has been termed as super blood moon as it will occur during a super moon, which happens when a full moon is close to the point in its orbit at which it is closest to the Earth. Depending on your location, this can make the moon appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual when seen from Earth.