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'Tyler Perry's Assisted Living' Episode 9: The family tries to keep a 'monster' at bay as fans enjoy a s**t show

In his brand new DIY project, Jeremy informs the family that he is going to fix the septic tank of the old, tattered home that Grandpa Vinyn is trying to commercialize

Spoilers for Assisted Living Episode 9: 'The Monster'

The most recent episode of Tyler Perry's new BET sitcom 'Assisted Living' might not have a proper synopsis to brief us in advance for all the 'sh*t' that was about to go down, but a minute into the episode and it's already a joyride reminding us why one should never underestimate the show. In short, a septic tank explodes and fans lose their 'shit' at the new titular 'swamp monster' that is Jeremy in Episode 9.

In his brand new DIY project, Jeremy informs the family that he is going to fix the septic tank of the old, tattered home that Grandpa Vinny is trying to commercialize as an Assisted Living facility. So Jeremy dresses up in his waterproof raincoat type safety suit and steps out to take matters in his own hands but ends up initiating a disaster of humongous proportions.

Not everybody's DIY projects are a success, and Jeremy gets the extremely ugly side of that. The tank explodes, bathing Jeremy in a pile of sewage - everything from wasted food to excrement running down his body like slushie, as his family tries to keep him from entering the house for as long as possible. 

But while the family seems to be doing a solid good time of keeping Jeremy out and later even shows some incredible strength when he finally steps inside, fans can't quite digest this gross development of insane proportions.


"He need to go jump in the creek seriously and bathe in some vinegar and baking soda while in it," wrote a fan offering suggestions to combat the monster Jeremy has become.


Gagging gifs also made the rounds on Twitter, with fans noting "The way the septic tank exploded on Jeremy..."


Other's drew comparisons between Jeremy's current state and some pop culture icons, noting "Brotha all at the window looking like a "Toxic Brown" Swamp Thing.."


For the rest of the fans, it was MrBrown's reaction to the 'monster' or 'ghost' he sees outside Grandpa Vinny's home that takes the cake. Screaming and squeaking Mr Brown rushes inside the house trying to warn the rest of them of the 'ghost' outside and claims "It was big it was Brown and it smelled like a sewage."

'Tyler Perry's Assisted Living' airs double episodes on Wednesdays at 9 pm-10 pm only on BET.