Neil Gaiman gets candid with fans about 'American Gods' and 'Lucifer' with #AskNeilGaiman

Neil Gaiman gets candid with fans about 'American Gods' and 'Lucifer' with #AskNeilGaiman

Neil Gaiman has finally revealed the secret voice narrating 'Lucifer' at the end of season 3, and fans guessed it right - it was Gaiman himself. The author of some of this generation's most renowned graphic novels such as 'Sandman', 'Coraline', 'American Gods', and 'The Graveyard Book', took to Twitter to answer fans' queries under the hashtag #AskNeilGaiman.

As expected fans are pouring in with all kinds of questions regarding the shows which have been adapted from the writer's most iconic pieces of work such as 'Good Omens', 'American Gods' and 'Lucifer', which is set to return with season 4 May 8, 2019, on Netflix. 

One fan asked the author what his opinion was regarding Netflix picking up 'Lucifer' after Fox quite foolishly discarded it. To the fan's question, "@neilhimself #AskNeilGaiman what do you think of Netflix taking on Lucifer? Could we get more sandman characters on the show?", Gaiman replied, "I was thrilled that Lucifer gets to continue! (And that's not up to me...)."

Gaiman was asked by the fan, "@neilhimself I tweeted this last [weekend] and I'll ask again if that was you narrating at the end of Lucifer S3?", and the writer declared, "It was, yes." Another wrote, "I hope you get to do more godly narration."


However, fans tried to get the author to explain if he was alright with brief alterations made on 'Lucifer' that were not in his work. The fans asked, "@neilhimself #AskNeilGaiman I know the show Lucifer is different from your comics, but us fans love it. What is your take on the show and do you think it does the comics justice?" Gaiman, who is known for an extremely open-minded approah to any form of art, explained, "I think it's its own thing. I think that any TV adaptation of a book or a comic is going to need to be its own thing in order to come alive." However, 'Lucifer' isn't the only show that had fans curious, many wanted to know more about 'American Gods'. 


One fan came up with a concern, "@neilhimself #AmericanGods #AskNeilGaiman what are you thinking about how the show's going? is there something you'd like to be improved?" Gaiman promptly stated, that he is pretty excited about the show's future plans. He said, "I've spent more time with Chic Eglee, who will be showrunner from Season 3 on, than I was able to with any of the previous showrunners (especially Jesse, who came on while I was deep in Good Omens & just not available). I'm really excited by the plans for the future of the show." Gaiman also revealed that season 3 of 'American Gods' will take place on the Lakeside for most of its part. 


As a fan asked, "@neilhimself Does Shadow make it Lakeside this season or are you saving that for S3? #AmericanGods", Gaiman assured, "Season Three of AMERICAN GODS takes us to Lakeside." In the brief interaction Gaiman also informed about how Wednesday was cast in 'American Gods'. A fan enquired, "Did any cast member [audition] for another role rather than the one they got in the end? #AskNeilGaiman #AmericanGods", Gaiman mentioned, "Sort of. Bryan [Fuller] and Michael [Green] approached Ian McShane to play Czernobog. When he read the script he pointed out that they hadn't yet cast Wednesday, and he would much rather play him." If you have a question that you would want to ask Neil Gaiman for a personal reply, put forward your tweets with #AskNeilGaiman, and the author will surely try and answer you. 

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