Asian man, 80, screams for help in vain as he’s knocked to ground by San Francisco teens and robbed in video

A third person can be seen walking into the frame, but they don't do anything to stop the attack, neither does the person filming it from his home. Cops believe the suspects are no older than 16

                            Asian man, 80, screams for help in vain as he’s knocked to ground by San Francisco teens and robbed in video
Two teens were seen attacking an elderly Asian man (L), a third person appears in the video but does nothing to stop the attack (Twitter)

SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA: A new viral video shows another act of Asian violence, this time on an elderly Asian man, who can be seen screaming in agony as his teenage attackers deliver blows to him. The video has caused massive outrage since it made it to the internet as not only does nobody come for help, but someone - expectedly the teenage attackers - can be heard laughing in the video.

The incident happened in the San Francisco Bay Area where the 80-year old man was randomly attacked by the two suspects, who cops believe are no older than 16. Caught in a surveillance video, the victim can be heard desperately calling out for help as no one responds. A third person can be seen entering the scene but does nothing to help or stop the suspects, leaving it unclear as to whether they were involved with the suspects.


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According to local outlet KGO-TV, the getaway car used by the suspects attacking the elderly man was seen just a couple of hours later again in a strong-armed robbery. The suspects are still on the loose and police arent calling this a racially charged crime either, although the victim maintains he believes the attack was motivated by hate. The attack comes less than a week after two other San Francisco women were stabbed with a military knife as they waited at the bus stop. In their case, locals gathered to snap a photo and identify the suspect who was since arrested.

In the recent case, however, it's distressing to watch the surveillance footage where the senior can be seen knocked to the ground by two teens. The incident happened on Saturday, May 8, and video footage shows the Asian man crying for help while high-pitched giggles come from a third teen who's presumed to be in the getaway car nearby. "It's crazy to see kids that age doing that kind of stuff going down that road already," says the man who recorded the video from his home and only wants to be referred to as "Marcos" out of safety.


While the Bay Area has been no stranger to hate crimes against Asians, the problem of juvenile carjackings and burglaries has been rife too. Lieutenant Ali Kahn of San Leandro Police told ABC News, "We were equally as shocked. From 2019 to 2020 we saw an almost 300% increase in crimes towards our Asian and Pacific Islander community members." As for how to curb the problem of juvenile crimes, he asks, "Other than putting juveniles in jail what other avenues can we have to maybe divert some of the things that are happening?"
The man who captured the video but didn't step out to help told ABC News he wants "More consequences. Because it seems to be ongoing... It's really the best thing that can happen to they can learn." The elderly victim of the attack was also robbed of a watch and sustained minor injuries. Police believe as the victim screamed for help, the suspects took off.