Ashnikko releases new track 'Cry' featuring Grimes, fans hail the 'queens' for the perfect song

The Grimes and Ashnikko track 'Cry' fires on all cylinders. Fans find it absolutely perfect

                            Ashnikko releases new track 'Cry' featuring Grimes, fans hail the 'queens' for the perfect song
Ashnikko, Grimes (Getty Images)

Ashnikko has joined forces with Grimes on her new single 'Cry'. A perfectly combined mixology of certain signature styles from both artists, 'Cry' is surged by a nu-metal theme over a trap-tipped beat. Ashnikko's vocal versatility is evident as she smoothly alternates between rapping and singing, with lyrics such as "B***h, are you tryna make me cry? Are you tryna make me lose it? You win some and lose some. This could get gruesome."

The CGI-animated official music video, directed by Mike Anderson, features demonic alter-egos of both artists. Scenes take place in several locations including a worn-out city, in space, an eerie forest and more. The duo eventually merges as one, harmonizing a ghostly outro, "Careful with me. I’m volatile (This could get gruesome). Careful with me. I'm homicidal (This could get gruesome)" before laying waste to another character after Ashnikko rips her in two.

Fans on Twitter are screaming over the new track with, "Aaaahhhh!!!! I love this song!" and several comments in all caps such as "I F***ING LOVE YOU AND EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG/VIDEO !!!!!"

Also included in the exuberant reactions are comments pointing out the vocal talent in the two artists. "Your voices are so beautiful!" said a fan while another wrote, "Ive never heard you sing like that ash." One fan said to the two singers, "You are so weird but I love it, please never change." While many fans call them "queens" their love for the new track is evident in comments like "OMG THIS SONG IS PERFECT" and "I’m listening on repeat" and "Fierce as hell and that chorus is aces!"

Ashnikko, whose real name is Ashton Nicole Casey, is a blue-haired London-based rapper originally from North Carolina who went viral on TikTok last year with her breakout hit 'Stupid'.  With her strong artistic vision, Ashnikko conceptualizes many of her music videos, bringing pixie-alien elements of cyberpunk and fantasy to her shows and outfits, somewhat of a real-life anime character. Ashnikko has three EPs, 'Sass Pancakes' which released in 2017, 'Unlikeable' (2018), and 'Hi, It's Me', as well as several singles. 


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