'Arrow' Season 8 Episode 3 will see Oliver approach the League of Assassins for information on the Monitor's true purpose

'Arrow' Season 8 Episode 3 will see Oliver approach the League of Assassins for information on the Monitor's true purpose

The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) isn't the easiest person to put your trust in. The god-like being has done a lot of things that are questionable at the very least but so far, Oliver Queen / Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) has been prepared to follow the Monitor's orders without question.

In 'Arrow' season eight's second episode 'Welcome to Hong Kong', Oliver's faith in the Monitor is shaken when Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana (Rila Fukushima), who knows about the Monitor from her time with the Crescent Order, questions the cosmic entity's actions.


She points out that the Monitor doesn't seem to care about the deaths of millions. However, Oliver makes it clear that he doesn't see any choice but to believe in the Monitor and hope that he's putting his trust in the right place.  

"If I'm wrong, then all of this is for nothing," Oliver tells Katana. "Do you understand Tatsu? I left Felicity. I left my children."

"So if the Monitor can't fix this and if he is not here to help, then all of these things that I've sacrificed and all the things that so many other people have already sacrificed will have been for nothing. I need my family to live, which means that I need this to work," he shares.

Later on in the episode, when Tatsu's life is endangered during the mission, Oliver finally comes to his senses. He approaches Tatsu while she is resting from her injuries and offers her an apology.

Stephen Amell and Rila Fukushima in Arrow (The CW)


"You were right when you said that some missions aren't worth the cost," he says. "So I'm going to make sure that this one is." 

All the information that Tatsu has on the Monitor comes from rumors she heard while part of the Crescent Order but she warns Oliver that the Order would not be willing to help him. However, Oliver reveals that he has a far more dangerous path in mind.

"Thankfully there are organizations on this Earth far, far older than the Crescent Order," he reveals. "I'm going to Nanda Parbat."

So that's it. Now we know that Oliver will be approaching the League of Assassins, or whatever is left of them, in order to find the answers he is looking for.

He's unlikely to be greeted warmly by his one-time allies but considering what's at stake here (literally the fate of the whole multiverse), it's a risk that he's willing to take. 


'Arrow' Season 8 Episode 3 'Leap of Faith' will be airing on The CW on October 29 at 9 pm ET. 

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