Is Arnold Schwarzenegger OK? Actor, 74, involved in scary car crash in California

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger OK? Actor, 74, involved in scary car crash in California
Arnold Schwarzenegger was involved in a scary car accident at Sunset Blvd, California (Getty Images)

Arnold Schwarzenegger got involved in a serious car accident on Friday, January 21 that left one person badly injured. According to TMZ, the former governor of California was driving his Yukon SUV that rolled over on the top of another car identified as a red Prius. The accident took place around 5 pm PT at Sunset Blvd, California.
According to the publication, Schwarzenegger’s monster SUV collided with the red Prius and ended up rolling to the left into a Porsche Cayenne. The red Prius was being driven by a woman who was reportedly “badly injured.” The 74-year-old actor’s close friend Jake Steinfeld of ‘Body By Jake’ fame was also spotted at the scene. The ‘Terminator’ star was recently in news when he gifted 25 brand new homes to homeless war veterans in Los Angeles during Christmas. The actor was dubbed as Santa on the Internet for his noble deed.
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Is Arnold Schwarzenegger OK?

Schwarzenegger, who was behind the wheels in his SUV, is reportedly doing fine and did not get injured in the serious accident. The airbags in the car were deployed on time and the actor looked to be doing fine after he stepped out of his vehicle. According to TMZ, the Hollywood star was concerned for the woman who was apparently bleeding from the head. She was reportedly taken to the hospital. An eyewitness at the spot told the publication that the accident "looked like a stunt in a movie." The actor reportedly wants to personally take care of the injured woman’s well-being.
Officer Drake Madison at the LAPD spoke to Hollywood Life about the accident saying, “In the accident, one car rolled on top of another. That is the only accident today on Sunset Blvd. No one is suspected to have been transported to the hospital.” The officer added that he didn’t know the “extent of their injuries” and “couldn’t give any names.”
The collision reportedly occurred when the woman was trying to make a U-turn at Sunset Blvd. The images of the scary car crash revealed by TMZ showed that after the accident Schwarzenegger's Yukon was resting on its side on two wheels between the Prius and Porsche Cayenne.  The veteran actor has so far, not commented on the accident he was involved in. The actor’s rep has also not come forward to update the situation, MEAWW will keep you posted.




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