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Horrifying moment armed robbers storm into store and fatally shoot pregnant woman and her colleague

Footage shows the thugs running into a shop and chasing Vanessa Araujo de Carvalho, who was seven months pregnant, before gunning her down in the store's bathroom
UPDATED SEP 19, 2022
Armed robbers chase down Vanessa Araujo de Carvalho while Janie Simplicio ducks behind the counter as an elderly woman and man watch (Screenshots/
Ikko News YouTube)
Armed robbers chase down Vanessa Araujo de Carvalho while Janie Simplicio ducks behind the counter as an elderly woman and man watch (Screenshots/ Ikko News YouTube)

Warning: Content may be distressing, reader discretion is advised.

MANAUS, BRAZIL: A shocking video shows the moment three armed robbers stormed into a store in the city of Manaus and shot a seven-month pregnant woman and a store employee, while two customers witnessed the horrific ordeal on September 10. Rescue workers rushed to the scene and took the woman to a hospital. Unfortunately, the two victims were pronounced dead.

The CCTV footage captured the moment an armed thug barged into the store and chased pregnant Vanessa Araujo de Carvalho. Panic-stricken Vanessa ran behind the store in a bid to save her life but the gunman followed her and shot the pregnant 40-year-old woman in the shop's bathroom. Amid the horror, her colleague Jania Simplicio attempts to hide from the first thug and could be seen ducking behind the store's counter. Later, thinking the coast was clear, she attempts to run out of the store while a second gunman walks in and took an aim at her. 


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(DailyMail video screengrab)
One of the armed thugs aim at Janie Simplicio before he shot her twice (Screenshot/
Ikko News YouTube)

The footage showed the moment three armed robbers, driven by a fourth person whose face could not be caught in the camera. The three men step out of the Fiat Siena, while one of the thugs runs behind a man Hudson Reis de Oliveira who was standing outside the store, and shoots him four times, the other two armed robbers emerge into the store. The 45-year-old was Oliveria taken to another hospital in the city and remains in serious condition, according to the local reports. The witnesses in the store, an elderly woman and a man could be seen petrified when the thugs walked pointing their guns.

(DailyMail video screengrab)
Hudson Reis de Oliveira was chased by the armed thug on the streets of Manaus (Screenshot/
Ikko News YouTube)

The footage recorded the moment worker at the store, Jania Simplicio could be seen pleading with the gunman for her life before he shot her twice. Emergency services rushed both the woman to the hospital, where Vanessa's unborn baby was removed via an emergency cesarean section, but the baby tragically died two days on September 12, Monday morning due to complications of preterm birth. The Specialised Homicide and Kidnapping Police Unit is investigating the shootings according to Daily Mail. Whilst the gunmen's identities and the motive for the crime still remain unclear.