Are Loona members overworked? Yeojin faints on stage but label blames venue's 'high altitude'

Are Loona members overworked? Yeojin faints on stage but label blames venue's 'high altitude'
LOONA member Yeojin faints on stage (loonatheworld/Instagram)

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO: LOONA’s first world tour ‘LOONA THE WORLD’ began on August 28th at the Mexico City's Pepsi Center. Not long after, a shocking situation involving LOONA’s youngest member Yeojin unfolded — she was seen fainting on stage immediately following their performance. 

After seeing Yeojin faint during the Mexico City Tour, fans were shocked and enraged. LOONA's first world tour was poorly planned by Blockberry Creative management, demonstrating how these young girls have been working without breaks, and the poorly scheduled tour dates aren't helping the situation. Given Blockberry Creative's alleged mistreatment, there is a widespread concern among fans, promoting the hashtag #CancelTheTour to trend worldwide. 


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Fans say Blockberry Creative doesn't care about LOONA

LOONA's schedule has been extremely exhausting lately, to the point where the members have overexerted themselves causing serious health problems. This isn’t the first time this has happened with Loona members. Not long ago, Yves, Choerry, Jinsoul, Heejin, Haseul, Kim Lip and now Yeojin have been unwell mentally and physically. Back-to-back hectic schedules and negligence of their health have taken a dangerous toll on this young girl group. It appears that Blockberry Creative has turned a blind eye to the well-being of their growing artists.

One fan tweeted "What people don't understand is that it's not just traveling and performing thats exhausting. During tours, idols have rehersal, practice, arrangement, make up & styling, less sleep because they have to be on venue HOURS before the show. #LOONA #CANCELTHETOUR #이달의소녀".


Another fan said, "BBC #CANCELTHETOUR yall are very immature for overworking the girls first, you didn't let chuu go on the tour and u don't let her have a manager then second of all you do nothing to help the people who have made your company a COMPANY in the kpop industry f**k u BBC."


Yeojin received immediate medical assistance from the staff members after fainting and was taken away to rest. Later, the company released a statement regarding Yeojin's health, stating “Yeojin temporarily had breathing issues after performing the choreography at the concert in Mexico City, which is at high altitude. She is in stable condition after having received immediate care from the on-site medical team”. 

This has triggered mixed reactions from fans who are both sympathetic and enraged with the company. A fan tweeted “Poor girl omfg they really need to rest I feel so bad for them so many have to sit out and now Yeojin fainting? Obviously bbc doesn't care about the girls :(”.


Fans are also criticizing the label for blaming the problem on the high altitude, calling it a 'poor excuse' as if that was really the problem, other idols would have been affected as well. One fan tweeted, “The way they blame it in high altitude when the girls have been tired and hurt before Mexico city like it plays a part but she definitely is also exhausted. like BBC is not being serious they don't care about those girl's health or care abt doing better.”


Another fan tweeted “What is even happening w loona right now, only 7 of 12 members being able to go on stage and yeojin fainting?? @BBC_blockberry this is a new yet unsurprising low, you never prioritize their well-being #CANCELTHETOUR”


“Yeah .. @BlockberryC @_mymusictaste @loonatheworld postpone the EU dates or #cancelthetour CANCEL THE TOUR . Orbits would rather see (all 12) Loona healthy, they don't want to see Loona the damaged / bandaged / exhausted girls at risk of collapsing on stage.  Listen to the fans.”


The company appears unfazed about LOONA's mental and physical health and has no plans to cancel their European dates. Since the beginning their world tour in Los Angeles on 2nd August, LOONA has traveled to and performed in 13 cities across the United States and Mexico. In September, Loona will be performing on the European leg of their tour. 

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