April 1 to 7: Your celebrity zodiac for the week

On Monday, April 2, you will be motivated to a long and hard look at your career. New ideas coming to the fore? Well, that's bound to be normal, dear Aries

                            April 1 to 7: Your celebrity zodiac for the week
Robert Downey Jr., Ashley Graham, Angelina Jolie, and Gigi Hadid (Getty Images)

We're still living in the shadow of a Mercury retrograde which means channels of communications, which were open earlier will now be closed. If you've just bagged a new job, read your contract carefully or ask your lawyer to scan the document before you say yes. Thankfully, this Mercury retrograde ends on April 15 and life can return to its normal pace. 

This week, between April 1 and 7, look daunting and confusing for the most part. Your thoughts about love, that new job you've been wanting and major life decisions will occur all at once and you will have little luck by way of reason and logic. Perhaps it's best to slow down, at least until Wednesday. The latter half of the week looks promising in the love department and you might just fall for someone older. Now that we're done with the weekly overview, let's see what how the week will turn out for each sign:

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

Robert Downey Jr born on April 4 belongs to the sun sign of Aries. Source: Getty Images

On Monday, April 2, you will be motivated to a long and hard look at your career. New ideas coming to the fore? Well, that's bound to be normal as this week shines a light in your career sector. However, be cautious as you zoom into manifesting what you desire, career-wise. Things will go at a slower pace than what you're used to and this will unsettle your fiery self. One piece of advice: take the time to invest in your work relationships even as you set your eyes to the future. 

As the weekend approaches, you will still have work on your mind and opportunities to find a collaborator or a potential partner may arise. Be strategic about who you want to meet this weekend. Who will benefit you in the long run? Who will prove to be profitable? These are some questions you could ask yourself!

Taurus (April 21-May 20)

Gigi Hadid, born on April 23, is a Taurean. Source: Getty Images

As the week begins, you will feel like doling out harsh truths about a friend's personality or hold up a mirror to their mistakes. However, exercise restraint before you do because chances are your words might come out rather harshly. This is because your ninth house, which deals with your subconscious, is activated. Instead of making broad statements which might just lose you a friend, try making suggestions. 

During the weekend, master of slow-moving energy, Saturn, makes a direct hit at Venus — the planet of love, profits, and beauty. You might be dreaming of a big project but Saturn's influence will motivate you to hit the brakes and take some time off before you embark on the dreams shown by Venus. As these two planets collide, you will no doubt find yourself struggling to deal with the fast and slow moving pace of your life but just hang in there, dear Bull. 

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Angelina Jolie, whose birthday falls on June 4, falls under the zodiac sign of Gemini. Source: Getty Images 

Feeling sexy and ready for a slew of hookups? That may be well and good but a string of casual one night stands will leave you wondering about true love and if you're going to receive it. This week will present you with plenty of opportunities to be your sexy self and attract people towards you. However, if you're thinking about stability and a long-term relationship then you are advised to take a break from situations that don't give you anything but a sugar rush. 

It doesn't help either that Venus sends its loving vibes to you this week. Expect to find yourself confused as a barrage of people will enter and exit your life this week. You won't be able to get a good read on those you meet this week and you may just run with your dreams of having that stable, loving relationship you've wanted. If this isn't troubling enough, you might have a totally different understanding of situations. For instance, you might just turn very casually for a date when the other person might have something else in mind. On Sunday, a quarter moon occurs in Capricorn and the earthy energy of this zodiac sign will pull you out of your confusing love life and give you a reality check. 

Cancer  (June 22-July 22)

Selena Gomez celebrates her birthday on July 22. Source: Getty Images 

This is a time for slowing down and talking to your partner about where you stand. At the start of the week, you will find yourself in a wonderful situation with your girlfriend/boyfriend but what do they think? Take a moment and find out where the both of you stand. In terms of romance, you will either want to take your relationship further or end it altogether. Let's chalk this down to a Mercury retrograde which will continue till April 15th. Mercury retrogrades usually force us to retrace our steps, reflect on the past and correct any mistakes that may have been committed. 

Suffice it to say that with so much happening in your love life, you will find yourself feeling confused and you will navigate through these difficult emotions by retreating. This downtime will help you take some time off yourself and take control of your life. You might have been very giving in a relationship and perhaps it's time to exercise some boundaries. 

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Jennifer Lawrence's birthday falls on August 15, making her a Leo. Source: Getty Images 

You will begin this week by learning a very important life lesson: pay attention to the fine print. On Monday, you will be expected to work on a project that will not require your passionate, creative energy. Instead, you will have to sit down and work your way slowly through its completion. You will feel restless and be impelled to do something but remember that paying attention to detail, however painstaking a process it is in the present, will pay off in the future. 

During the weekend, you will ask yourself some very important questions about your job. Is this where you want to be? What is your goal? These plans may have cropped up at the beginning of the week but you will be dedicated to thinking about it further on the weekend. On the work front, your restless energy might lose you a few contacts if you don't check yourself! Be cautious, dear Leo. 

Virgo (August 23 to September 22)

Blake Lively's birthday falls on August 25. Source: Getty Images 

As the week begins, you will want to do two very different things: go out and flirt and seclude yourself from the world. Guess what?  You will be able to do both these things provided you are ready for some compromise. To be honest, you will be in a more playful mood so take it easy at work. Nevertheless, be aware and present if there's a chance to re-instate everything you've achieved so far.  

As Saturday approaches, you may have a romantic encounter which may just linger on in your mind for a while. But do you see yourself with this person in the long run? Don't run away with your thoughts or get too caught up in how good the situation feels. You could be setting yourself for heartache! To be sure, you will meet plenty of people this week who will be "distractions" but what do you want, Virgo? 

 Libra (September 23 and October 23)

Gwyneth Paltrow's sun sign lies in Libra. Source: Getty Images

Librans, you love to restore balance but you will your surroundings a bit off this week. On Monday, you might just lash out at your flatmate or your live-in partner as they push your boundaries. Anger, especially from you guys, has the capacity to shock people as Librans often don't get angry. However, the deeper question to ask yourself is this: what's making you angry this week? If you've figured this out, then have a frank conversation with the person you just lashed out at. 

During the weekend, your attention will be drawn to your immediate surroundings! You might end up spending time decorating the house or busying yourself with chores you've been neglecting.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Model Ashley Graham celebrates her birthday on October 30th. Source: Getty Images 

Expect a total communication breakdown this week, Scorpio. Your big presentation could go awry as you might struggle to communicate your ideas in a clear, succinct manner. This lack of communication will be reflected in your love life as well. This will put an abrupt stop to the conversations you've been having with a potential partner. If you're single, then this distance will allow you to see your relationship in a new, refreshing way. 

For the rest of the week, you will want to keep some distance from people and situation. While this seclusion may bring up problems in your office space, it will prove to be a blessing in your romantic life. During the weekend, you could have a sit down with your partner and reflect on everything that's transpired in your relationship. Singles, the quarter moon in Capricorn on Sunday will help you remember that you don't have to do everything on your own! Lean a little on your tribe, Scorpio. 

Saggitarius (November 22 – December 21)

Chrissy Teigen celebrates her birthday on November 30 which makes her a Sagittarian. Source: Getty Images 

Your ideas will be tested this week, Sag! You're usually non-apologetic about what you believe in but this week, you will be forced to stand up for what you believe in. Diplomacy is key as this week seems to bring out the worst in everyone. To be honest, all zodiac signs will be dealing with combative energies that will lead to some harsh words being exchanged. If you want to make a mark, then round up allies who will be in your corner. This will be important as the people who have to listen to you might not pay much attention to what you have to say. 

Over the weekend, you will feel more creative and open-minded. Take this as an opportunity to try a new form of exercise as you've been thinking about it for quite some time now. After you've been fed with some creativity, you will shift your focus to finances and cash flow. This will happen on Sunday when a quarter moon enters Capricorn and activates your second house of earned income. 

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Jim Carrey's birthday falls on January 17. Source: Facebook

Be flexible as you enter this week! Your best-laid plans will be tested on Monday and this may upset you a bit. However, your earthy self will find a way to navigate through this. While this will define most of your week, the weekend brings up some exciting prospects. There's plenty of opportunities for romance and this will be boon, especially if you're single. Nevertheless, be clear about what you want from your love life because you will be attracting people as you step out for a social occasion. 

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Jennifer Aniston's birthday falls on February 11. Source: Getty Images 

Something's holding you back, Aquarius and perhaps it's a good thing! You will feel like withdrawing from the world as you step into this week. Your emotions this week will get the better of you as you navigate through a rough work week and romantic week. You may have a date come up in the first few days of this week but be clear about where you stand and perhaps make it clear to the person you're connecting with. You might be carrying baggage from your previous relationship and it's wise to leave things in the past. 

On Sunday, a change of sorts seems to be on the horizon. You will think about letting go whatever is not working for you and perhaps have an intervention for yourself. Weed out assignments that you can wriggle out of and have some "me" time for yourself. This will serve you well especially after you've had a tough month in March. 

Pieces (February 19 – March 20)

Rihanna's birthday falls on February 20. Source: Getty Images 

You're looking outward, Pisces! You want to fill your friends' circle with more people and as you set out to do this, you will find people who bring in their own hang-ups. The good news is that your water element can take it and you will be able to shift gears even as people bring in their own energies. If you do meet someone you want to know more, go ahead with full steam and let events take their own turn. 

This current trend will extend into the weekend as well and suffice it to say that you will have plenty of opportunities to socialize! You're known for your compassion and as one of the most humane signs of the zodiac, you will be able to have free-flowing conversations that start off without an agenda! This will prove to be a blessing, dear Pisces as you've had a tough streak of luck since the beginning of 2018. As a cautionary warning, keep your distance from those who don't serve you well in the long-run and make sure you define those boundaries clearly.