Applebee's waitress 'too scared to go back' after check with minimal tip goes viral

A longtime server at Applebee's is 'scared to go to work' after a TikTok of a $6.55 tip on an order of $73.45 went viral

                            Applebee's waitress 'too scared to go back' after check with minimal tip goes viral
Applebee's server maligned as she was tipped poorly (Screenshot/TikTok and Scott Olson/Getty Images)

A longtime server at Applebee's is 'scared to go to work' after she faced internet harassment after a clip of a bad tip she recieved went viral on TikTok. This clip recieved over 700,000 views within days. In the clip, a bill shows how Dana G received a minimal $6.55 tip on an order of $73.45.

The customer who did not even tip 10% wrote on the bill, "You was great holidays are just rough right now" and drew a frowny face. From netizens criticizing the cheapness of the customer to people dissing the payment system, the video has created a storm. 


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Something over $13 would have been considered the standard 18% tip. While some Twitter users say that it is America's fault that the wages are too low, others shamed Applebee's for the fact that waitresses have to rely on tips to make ends meet. Some even trashed Dana G (the waitress) for posting this on TikTok.

As she was sacred to go back to work, Dana G told NyPost, "I turned the check in at the end of the night and went home. Two days later I went food shopping with my children and my manager called and said, ‘You know anything about a receipt? It’s on TikTok and it has a lot of views and people are thinking it’s you.'"

Dana felt bad and embarassed as the idea of publicly shaming someone is not something she would ever do. She continued by saying, "I would never ever shame anybody for anything they’ve ever given me." 

When Dana's side of the story was heard, Applebee's management decided to take matters into their own hands. After careful assessment, the management arrived at the conclusion that it was never Dana's fault. Dana was a victim of cyber bullying and had been cyber pranked. Adding to this, Apple Metro, Applebee's franchise in the New York Metropolitian district, said Dana has never done anything wrong in her time as a server there.

They said, "It’s a joke that they’re playing on — not us at Applebee’s — but this poor girl Dana who’s been with us for some period of time."

Applebee's CEO and chariman Zane Tankel said, "She’s not a kid. She has two children. She’s a mother — a hard-working mother — and she remembers the guest well. We talked to her about it. She remembers him well and she did not take umbrage or offense at that comment on the check."

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