Is Anne Hathaway a CANNIBAL? BIZARRE tweet goes viral

Is Anne Hathaway a CANNIBAL? BIZARRE tweet goes viral
A Twitter user referred to Anne Hathaway as a cannibal following numerous comments about how she was aging like a fine wine (Twitter/chismosavirus and Marc Piasecki/Getty Images for Bvlgari)

A social media account recently accused Anne Hathaway of cannibalism, and it's one thought that will take time to get over. The name of the Oscar-winning 'Les Misérables' actor was bizarrely linked to the heinous act in a tweet that went viral over the weekend.

The antics began on June 25 when a Twitter user posted a picture of Hathaway, 39, posing in the pages of Elle France's most recent issue. She was impeccably styled and appeared as ethereal as ever in Prada denim and Bvlgari jewelry. Given that Hathaway's comeback is currently in full swing, it was only natural for people to comment on her seeming inability to age. More than 300k people liked the post, which further earned more than 22,000 retweets. Many people commented on the tweet with surprise and laughter. However, it wasn't long before Twitter gave the whole affair a sinister spin.


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The images were then reposted by a Twitter user who goes by the handle hotpriestt, now a deleted account, who wrote: "every tweet about Anne Hathaway going viral like the police didn't find human remains and evidence of cannibalism in her LA home she sold in 2013." 



Hathaway is certainly not a cannibal, but that didn't stop people from wondering. A user commented on the image, saying, "If true, she doesn't look like she ate 'em," and someone responded, "What are you meant to look like when u eat people?"

Things quickly took a comical turn since few wanted to believe that the lovely actress was capable of such horrible deeds. The following day, hotpriestt withdrew the accusations, clarifying it was a prank.

Recently, in a speech that stood out as considerably more serious than her inventive social media posts, Hathaway addressed the overturn of Roe v Wade. Julie Andrews, who featured with Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, posed the following question while the two sat down for Interview magazine. "I have never seen you angry. What really ticks you off?"

(L to R) Actors Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews attend the film premiere of "The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" at Disneyland on August 7, 2004 in Anaheim, California (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

"What makes me really angry is that I can look at a newspaper and on the front page, see that there are plans in place to overturn Roe v. Wade next to an article about how there's a baby formula shortage, which has reduced the availability of baby formula by 43 percent," Hathaway responded. "And what makes me angry is the people that are cheering for the overturning of Roe v. Wade, will not have a conversation about that point in the future when those two stories intersect."

Hathaway added, "And the people who have been working so hard to overturn Roe v. Wade have done so without making any effort at creating a more fair, just, and equitable society, and affordable, by the way, in which to have children. I'm not someone who likes shaming people, but like I said, I'm angry."


Roe v Wade, the historic 1973 decision that had legalized abortion in the United States, was overturned by the Supreme Court on Friday, June 24 prompting intense outrage and protests. About half of the states in the US may outlaw abortion as a result of the ruling. In thirteen states, largely in the South and Midwest, there are currently laws in place that prohibit abortion in the event Roe is overturned.


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